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Children worldwide receive your effective help and as a Sponsor Circle member you get access to exclusive reports and projects of the foundation, as well as to valuable event series through which you can expand your own network.

We strongly believe that access to education is the key to a better life – for every individual as well as the destiny of an entire country. Based on this focus and drawing on amazing passion and commitment, we work together with the members of the Sponsor Circle to ensure that one day all children – everywhere – will have the same chance of enjoying a better life. This is a goal with which your employees will be able to identify – thus allowing your social commitment to become a building block of employer branding. At the same time, a voluntary annual donation of just €10,000 makes it possible for the foundation to keep constructing schools, children’s homes and children’s hospitals.

As a thank you for your membership, you are granted access to an exclusive community of like-minded people. You will also be invited to a choice of three exclusive foundation networking and charity events per year.

Your benefits as a member of the Sponsor Circle

The Sponsor Circle is an association of permanent sponsors who commit themselves to provide development aid through financial support of €10,000 or more. Alternatively, they can provide access to their unique know-how. Typically, they make a commitment to the Sponsor Circle as part of a corporate social responsibility programme. As there are a number of participation options, do contact us if you would like to know more.

All Sponsor Circle members receive priority invitations to exclusive events of the PATRIZIA Foundation. Alternatively, they may host an individual designed cooking event, which will be coordinated for them by the PATRIZIA Foundation. We offer a number of high-calibre and unique experiences with like-minded people in the Sponsor Circle and PATRIZIA, providing the ideal opportunity to forge networks with others and exchange ideas.

As a Sponsor Circle member, you can help children worldwide and underscore your commitment through your corporate social responsibility programme.
Jowita Fuchshofer

Donor Relations, PATRIZIA Foundation

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Wolfgang Egger about the Sponsor Circle

The Sponsor Circle is an exclusive association of sponsors and friends of the PATRIZIA Foundation. We happily welcome any company to join the Sponsor Circle. We have seen what people with different means, ideas and skills can achieve when they team up and work towards a common goal.

We have 20 years of experience in public relations, projects and volunteering, and are happy to help companies who are keen to become involved in the foundation build their own identity in terms of social engagement.

Our aim is to provide development aid that can be relied on, matches meaningful goals and is sustainable. Our arms are always open to new members. Our aspiration is to give children and young people worldwide better access to education and thus offer them the chance to enjoy a better future.

Many thanks to all who have shared our passion over the years – and a warm welcome to all new-comers!

Sincerely yours, Wolfgang Egger

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