Coronavirus update

Apr. 2020

For more than 20 years, the PATRIZIA Foundation has been working to ensure children and adolescents gain access to an education. In collaboration with our local partner organisations at each location, we provide a place for education. This has already resulted in the establishment of 20 facilities for children – schools, homes and children’s hospitals. And more are planned.

Access to education is restricted worldwide

The coronavirus crisis is a major challenge for all of us. Children are particularly hard hit as schools worldwide have to be closed temporarily. This prevents children and young people from attending school as normal. In countries where there are little or no options to offer lessons using digital means, there is a risk that children will miss out on their education.

We would like to express our particular gratitude to our local partners. They are an important mainstay to us in society, especially in these difficult times. We would therefore like to focus at this time on supporting our partners in existing Kinderhaus facilities. We are in contact with these partners and listening carefully to what they have to say in order to understand their local requirements and provide help. Our shared goal is to do whatever we can to meet current challenges and make it possible for children to return to the classroom as soon as possible. To this end, we want to help in the way that currently makes most sense.

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A personal message from the founder of our foundation, Wolfgang Egger: “Access to education is now more important than it has ever been. We all share a responsibility to do what we can to help in order to ensure that coronavirus is kept under control. Education plays a key role in this because you can only combat the spread of the pandemic if you know how to protect yourself. This is why we are working with our partners at each location to overcome this global crisis for the PATRIZIA KinderHaus facilities. Do help us in our efforts. Thank you!”