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Nov. 2022

Building the future together: This is not only the motto of the PATRIZIA Foundation, but also the title of our new foundation magazine. With new PATRIZIA KinderHaus projects, we are creating future prospects for children and young people in countries where access to education is not yet a matter of course.

We are experiencing times of uncertainty. Alone, we cannot stop developments like the war in Ukraine, exploding energy prices or increasing geopolitical tensions all over the world. And yet each of us can make a contribution to ensuring that children and young people worldwide have a better future.

Zukunft für Kinder weltweit

Thanks to our foundation’s EduCare Europe Fund, over 500 traumatised children who had to flee Ukraine are receiving help – in Warsaw, Augsburg and other locations. In Mymensingh in Bangladesh, we offer families a way out of poverty through qualified care and early childhood education. And in Tanzania, we are creating space for quality education by expanding the primary school in Ndanda.

Sustainable help, scientifically evaluated

Many parties contribute to the creation of a PATRIZIA KinderHaus. We attach particular importance to the careful selection of partners as well as to our promise to operate each project for at least 25 years.

The scientific evaluation of PATRIZIA KinderHaus facilities confirms our approach: the schools, shelters and health facilities have an impact far beyond the individual project – on families, villages, cities and regions.

Building the future together

Volunteering for a good cause

Partners, sponsors, PATRIZIA employees: you are all part of the success of our projects. There are many ways to support PATRIZIA KinderHaus projects, whether as a CSR partner or through volunteering activities, in which more and more people are showing great commitment to the foundation. Simon Woolf, Chief HR Officer at PATRIZIA, explains how corporate volunteering and CSR can contribute to positive employer branding in an interview with Stiftungsmagazin.

We are very curious to hear your opinion on the new edition. Geben Sie uns Ihr Feedback per E-Mail an info@patrizia.foundation.

The foundation team hopes you enjoy reading the new magazine!

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