The foundation’s new look and feel

Nov. 2020

The PATRIZIA Foundation has repositioned itself with the aim of giving even more children the chance of a better future. Since our formation in 1999, we have helped more than 220,000 children and young people – through medical care, children’s homes or access to education at our schools. We have developed further. And we express this development with our new brand.

„With a clear positioning of the foundation, we are pursuing new ambitious goals. In doing so, we are focusing on professionalism and even more internationality.”

Angelika Jacobi, 
Chairwoman of the Board and Executive Director
PATRIZIA Foundation

Individuality of children – diversity of hearts 

With the new name – PATRIZIA Foundation – and the associated claim “Building better futures” we are building the bridge to our mission: to provide access to education for many children and young people. We care about every single child – we want to give them all the chance of a better life. Because only if a child is allowed to learn, it has the chance of a self-determined life and can pass on this knowledge.

We visualise this – with a logo in which we bring the heart to life. It stands for the diversity of the hearts of all the children we accommodate, care for and teach. From Sondoveni to Buyamba to Dhoksan, we let them draw a heart for us – to become part of the whole picture.

Creating value for generations with CSR partners 

Due to the changes in society, sustainable economic activity and social commitment are becoming increasingly important for companies as well. With individual CSR solutions and strong, partnership-based networks, the PATRIZIA Foundation offers added value for companies.  “Together with our partners, we thus create value for generations,” adds Angelika Jacobi.