Educational infrastructure worldwide

Each project is carefully selected and tailored to the needs of the children in the respective community. Together with our local partners, we build Kinderhaus facilities and ensure long-term operation for at least 25 years. This is our way of making sure we offer sustainable added value for the children, their families and the local community. We visit our facilities regularly and keep in touch continuously with our partners and the children.

Reisebericht Tansania Child Care Songea

PATRIZIA Foundation Facilities

Our promisses

Creating value

for generations

We think sustainably and in terms of generations: We work together with all project partners on a long-term basis – at least 25 years. As a result, every donation generates returns that last a quarter of a century in social terms – adding personal and societal value that goes far beyond the material value of the actual buildings we construct.


We draw on real estate expertise offered by our close relationship with PATRIZIA and understand how to run projects successfully. We promise that every euro will multiply into two, three or four. Since PATRIZIA meets all of the foundation’s administrative costs, every donated euro flows into the projects.

Cooperation based

on partnership

By working in close collaboration with selected partners, we invest successfully in social development. Together we assess local conditions, access to labor and the needs of the community. It’s important to us that our partner organisations share in our values and philosophy.

Our Projects

Ready for the digital future

Enhancing the quality of education

In Nepal, Rwanda and Cameroon
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Kinderhaus facilities in Europe

2006 | Munich, Germany

PATRIZIA Aftercare München
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2008 | Hamburg, Germany

PATRIZIA Aftercare Hamburg
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2013 | Augsburg, Germany

PATRIZIA Child Care Augsburg
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2015 | Augsburg, Germany

PATRIZIA Child Therapy Augsburg
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Kinderhaus facilities in Asia

2012/2018 | Dhoksan, Nepal

PATRIZIA School Dhoksan
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2019 | Porayar, India

PATRIZIA Child Care Porayar
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Under construction | Govindpur, India

PATRIZIA Child Care Govindpur
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PATRIZIA Child Care Mymensingh

2024 | Mymensingh, Bangladesh

PATRIZIA Child Care Mymensingh
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In planning | Muniguda, India

PATRIZIA School Muniguda
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Kinderhaus facilities in Africa

2002 | Peramiho, Tanzania

PATRIZIA Children’s Hospital Peramiho
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2008 | Ntarama, Ruanda

PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center Ntarama
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2010 | Buyamba, Uganda

PATRIZIA School Buyamba
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2013 | Western Cape, South Africa

PATRIZIA Child Care Western Cape
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2014 | Songea, Tanzania

PATRIZIA Child Care Songea
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2016 | Yaoundé, Cameroon

PATRIZIA School Yaoundé
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2016 | Harare, Zimbabwe

PATRIZIA School Harare
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2017 | Syangeni, Kenya

PATRIZIA School Syangeni
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2017 | Peramiho, Tanzania

PATRIZIA School Peramiho
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2018 | Alego, Kenya

PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center Alego
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2021 | Songea, Tanzania

PATRIZIA Primary School Songea

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Bildung in Afrika

Under construction | Ndanda, Tansania

PATRIZIA School Ndanda
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Ein Gruppenfoto von den lachenden Kindern der PATRIZIA School Bafia

Under construction | Bafia, Cameroon

PATRIZIA School Bafia
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Bildung in Afrika

Under construction | Parakou, Benin

PATRIZIA Child Care Parakou, Benin
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Kinderhaus facilities in Latin America

2014 | Sondoveni, Peru

PATRIZIA School Sondoveni
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In planning| San Juan Alotenango, Guatemala

PATRIZIA Inclusive School Alotenango
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