Sweet Greets 2023 – making the world a better place, one greeting at a time

Feb. 2024

A heartfelt thank you to all Sweet Greets participants last year!

Sweet Greets, an initiative by PATRIZIA SE, has been spreading warmth and gratitude among colleagues worldwide every December for several years. It’s a thoughtful way to wrap up another year, exchanging digital messages and a sweet treat – a chocolate Merci emphasizing a thank you – at all PATRIZIA locations globally. 

We’re thrilled to share that the Sweet Greets campaign in 2023 raised an impressive total of €5,109. Once again, the PATRIZIA office in Augsburg led the way with a remarkable 1,655 greetings, closely followed by Frankfurt with 766 wishes sent out across the PATRIZIA world. Altogether, an astonishing 4,653 Sweet Greets brightened the days from PATRIZIA locations worldwide. 

For every greeting sent, a voluntary donation of one euro is made to the PATRIZIA Foundation and a selected project. In 2023, the chosen project was the PATRIZIA School Muniguda in India. The contributions from last year are now propelling the school’s expansion, pushing the number of students from 600 to 1,000 children. The funds are facilitating the construction of new classrooms, science labs, a library, and a computer room, elevating the quality of education in the region. This goes hand in hand with future teacher training in using said computer room to prepare the high school students for the labour market and improve their chances for a self-determined future. This effort is particularly crucial in breaking the cycle of poverty, especially in a region where one in four people cannot read or write, and young girls face the challenge of early child marriages. 

The team at the PATRIZIA Foundation extends a massive thank you to all contributors of this longstanding tradition! The entire €5,109 will directly impact Muniguda and the lives of countless young individuals – you are the heroes shaping the destinies of thousands! 

Deep dive into the project and visit: PATRIZIA School Muniguda – Patrizia Foundation 

If you also want to launch such an initiative with your company, strengthening your corporate culture and employer branding, we would be happy to advise you.