We give 100 %

Each project of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation is carefully selected and tailored to the needs of the children in the respective community. Not only do we build homes, we also work with experienced local partners to ensure all of our facilities are operated successfully in the long term. This is our way of making sure we offer added value for the children, their families and the local community. We visit our facilities regularly and keep in touch continuously with our partners and the children.

100 % future

We think sustainably and in terms of generations. We support all project partners on a long-term basis – which for us means at least 25 years. As a result, every donation generates returns that last a quarter of a century in social terms – adding personal and societal value that goes far beyond the material value of the actual buildings we construct.

100 % help

Our promise: every euro that is donated goes entirely into one of our projects. PATRIZIA AG meets all of the administrative costs of the foundation. We maintain close and continual communication with our partners and the children throughout the entire term of our projects, also making regular visits to ensure all donations are used effectively in the long term.

100 % personal

All of our project partners are hand-picked. With some, we already have a successful track record in a number of countries and facilities. It’s important to us that our partner organisations and the PATRIZIA Children Foundation share the same values and philosophy.

Our roots – our goal

It all started in Tanzania. Our projects in the country represent everything that drives the PATRIZIA Children Foundation. We want access to education to be a fundamental right. Children throughout the world should have the same opportunities and prospects of a life of self-determination. With our expertise in property, we work with local partner organisations to build facilities that help children in the long term. Every donation goes 100 per cent towards our projects.