“True to our motto Building a Future Together, we campaign worldwide as part of our goal of offering children and adolescents a better life through education.”

Wolfgang Egger, initiator of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation

Our vision  and mission

Children need an education in order to determine their own future. Our goal is a world in which all children have equal opportunities.

We help as many children as possible around the world. More than 200,000 children and adolescents worldwide have already gained access to education, a home, or medical care in our facilities.

We believe that education is the way to a better future. That is why we build schools and children’s homes – to provide access to quality education. It is important to us to help people to help themselves. Through our projects, we strengthen children’s and adolescents’ ability to identify with and take pride in their own sense of responsibility, even if they have suffered tragedy.

We collect money for schools, children’s homes and hospitals. Our donors, particularly members of the Sponsor Circle, help promote humanity and we use their donations sensibly. All of our administrative expenses are covered by PATRIZIA AG. In this way, we ensure that all donations go 100% into projects.

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Andreas Menke, Steward

“PATRIZIA loves and lives property. The foundation benefits from this know-how when it erects its facilities under the most difficult circumstances.”

Wolfgang Egger, initiator of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation and CEO of PATRIZIA AG

Our organization

The PATRIZIA Children Foundation is a foundation established by PATRIZIA AG. Since 1999, its initiator Wolfgang Egger, his team of volunteers, the full-time employees of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation, the foundation’s partners and its sponsors have all been working tirelessly to offer children and adolescents worldwide the chance of enjoying a better future through direct access to education. Financed through private donations, particularly from the Sponsor Circle, the foundation builds schools, children’s homes and hospitals – true to its motto ´Building a Future together`. Working in close partnership with local organisations, the foundation also safeguards the reliable and successful running of its facilities in the long term.

Foundation Council

The initiator of the foundation, Wolfang Egger, his daughter Janine and Alfred Hoschek are responsible for the strategic direction of the foundation. All three members of the foundation board work on an honorary basis. From left to right:

Alfred Hoschek, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of

Wolfgang Egger, CEO of PATRIZIA AG and initiator of the foundation

Janine Egger

Foundation Board of Directors

The Foundation’s Board of Directors consists of the Chairman of the Board, Constanze Egger, and four PATRIZIA employees. Together, the five honorary board members of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation draw on their personal and professional know-how to advance the foundation’s projects worldwide. From left to right:

Sabine Schillinger-Köhne, Head of HR Germany

Peter Helfrich, Regional Head North-West Europe & Country Manager Netherlands 

Constanze Egger, Chairman of the Board of the
PATRIZIA Children Foundation

Andreas Menke, Group Head of Corporate Communications

Andreas Heibrock, Managing Director PATRIZIA GrundInvest Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

Foundation Advisory Board

The Foundation Advisory Board provides the Foundation with advisory and honorary support. It consists of the following five persons. Left to right:

Wolfram Nieradzik

Matthias Schleipfer

Dr Ansgar Stüfe

Peter Jaksch

Mario Liebermann (not pictured)

Foundation team

The foundation team of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation manages the foundation and its operations on a full-time basis in all areas. The managing director is Alexander Busl. PATRIZIA AG meets all administrative costs in connection with the foundation team, so that donations can go 100 per cent into projects. From left to right:

Alexander Busl, Managing Director
PATRIZIA Children Foundation
Tel.: +49 821 50910303
E-Mail: Alexander.Busl[at]patrizia.foundation

Jowita Fuchshofer, Marketing Manager
PATRIZIA Children Foundation
Tel.: +49 821 509 10306
E-Mail: Jowita.Fuchshofer[at]patrizia.foundation

Anna Widmann, Senior Marketing Manager
PATRIZIA Children Foundation;
Tel.: +49 821 50910-243
E-Mail: Anna.Widmann[at]patrizia.foundation

Julia Agerer, Assistant
PATRIZIA Children Foundation
Tel.: +49 821 509 10297
E-Mail: Julia.Agerer[at]patrizia.foundation