Foundation Members

Foundation Council

The initiator of the foundation, Wolfang Egger, his daughter Janine and Alfred Hoschek are responsible for the strategic direction of the foundation. All three members of the foundation board work on an honorary basis. From left to right:

Alfred Hoschek

Wolfgang Egger

Janine Egger

Foundation Board

The board of the foundation consists of Angelika Jacobi and six additional members.

Jointly, the seven honorary board members manage the foundation and turn their personal and professional competence to good account in order to advance the foundation’s projects worldwide.

Constanze Egger, Deputy Chairwoman of the Foundation Board;

Dr. Konrad Finkenzeller, Member Foundation Board;

Andreas Heibrock, Member Foundation Board;

Angelika Jacobi, Chairwoman of the Foundation Board;

Christoph Liedtke, Member Foundation Board;

Simon Woolf, Member Foundation Board;

Foundation Advisory Board

The Foundation Advisory Board provides the Foundation with advisory and honorary support. It consists of the following five persons:

Wolfgang Fratz

Mario Liebermann

Matthias Ortner

Matthias Schleipfer

Bruder Dr. med. Ansgar Stüfe OSB

Peter Helfrich

Foundation Members

The foundation team of the PATRIZIA Foundation manages the foundation and its operations on a full-time basis in all areas. PATRIZIA AG meets all administrative costs in connection with the foundation team, so that donations can go 100 per cent into projects.

Despite the corona pandemic and the associated restrictions, we are still available for you.

Angelika Jacobi
Managing Director, Chairwoman of the Board
T +49 821 50910-172
Email: Angelika.Jacobi[at]

Florian Finkenzeller
T +49 821 509 10-288
Email: Florian.Finkenzeller[at]

Mahildeleyn Thum
Team Assistant
Tel.: +49 821 50910-479
E-Mail: mahildeleyn.thum[@]

Katrin Halboth
Fundraising & Social Responsibility
T +49 821 509 10-240
Email: Katrin.Halboth[at]

Sandra von Waldenfels
Donor Relations & Services
Business Development
T +49 821 50910-157
Email: Sandra.vonWaldenfels[at]

Jowita Fuchshofer
Donor Relations & Services
T +49 821 509 10-306
Email: Jowita.Fuchshofer[at]

Eva Maria Bergel
Volunteering & Fundraising
Email: Evamaria.Bergel[at]

Anna Widmann
Marketing & Communications
T +49 821 50910-243
Email: Anna.Widmann[at]

Andrea Finkel
T +49 821 509 10-295
Email: Andrea.Finkel[at]

Lina Witzke
Knowledge Management
T +49 821 509 10-707
Email: Lina.Witzke[at]

Milena Schneider
Partner & Project Management
Tel.: +49 821 50910-532  
E-Mail: Milena.Schneider[at] 

Petra Ellert
Partner Management & Impact
T +49 821 509 10-282
Email: Petra.Ellert[at]

Rafak Nii Otto Dodoo
Partner Management
T +49 821 509 10-552
E-Mail: RafakNiiOtto.Dodoo[at]patrizia.fountation 

Kristian Bollmann
Project Management & Building
T +49 821 509 10-277
Email: Kristian.Bollmann[at]

Markus Minje
Project Management & Building
T +49 821 509 10-516
E-Mail: Markus.Minje[at]