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The PATRIZIA Foundation is your reliable partner if you want to take on social responsibility as a company or private donor. Through your investment, you create sustainable educational infrastructures with measurable value. And where they are urgently needed. We will find the right project for you with the right project volume. We combine the best of both worlds – entrepreneurship and charity based on a partnership mindset.


Helping children in Songea with a corporate donation

“Sustainability and economic success are not incompatible – on the contrary, they are increasingly in harmony.”


Astrid Gabler
Chairwoman of the Board
PATRIZIA Foundation

Why is the topic of ESG actually so important?

The latest updates from Brussels pose major challenges for many managers of medium-sized companies. The reason for this is the new EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (“CSRD”). While it has been completely normal for listed companies for many years to prove their sustainable corporate governance with a set of reports, from 2026 many companies will fall under this obligation for the first time. According to official estimates, 50,000 SMEs will fall under the CSRD. Specifically, it affects all companies that fulfil at least two of the following three criteria:

More than 250 employees

> 40 million turnover

> 20 million balance sheet 

Current surveys show that many of them do not yet have a comprehensive ESG strategy. The PATRIZIA Foundation is also feeling the effects of this development: since 2022, requests from companies for cooperation have been rising noticeably. After all, our foundation offers an attractive overall package for the “S” of ESG – and thus an important building block for every company’s sustainability reporting.

How you benefit from a partnership

The PATRIZIA Foundation offers its partners an attractive portfolio of projects around Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 (= Quality Education). Every single one of our “KinderHaus” projects makes an important contribution to ensuring that more children and young people have access education, health care, welfare and a self-determined life. As our partner, you make a big difference and at the same time present yourself as a company that bears social responsibility. In this way, you also strengthen your reputation management and your own brand. Furthermore, your important commitment contributes to employer branding and the development of a positive corporate culture.

How you become active

From co-financing a KinderHaus to the possibility of carrying out corporate volunteering activities, we guarantee you a detailed evaluation concept. If you want to start with a smaller project, we also offer sponsorships. That way, you support existing Children’s Houses and campaigns – and enable many children to find a way out of bitter poverty. Sandra von Waldenfels, Head of Donor Relations & Services, will be happy to advise you on how your first step into an ESG partnership could look like.

Emergence of a KinderHaus


Corporate volunteering




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Astrid Gabler
Chairwoman of the Board
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