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We offer lasting support to children worldwide

Everyone should be entitled to an education. It is a chance to enjoy a better future and we want children worldwide to make use of this entitlement. The PATRIZIA Children Foundation has been working towards this goal incessantly since 1999. Thanks to many years of expertise and a high level of personal commitment, we create places worldwide that give children and adolescents a sense of security, strength and perspective. By working with selected local partners, we focus on helping people to help themselves in the long term – through schools, support centres, children’s homes and hospitals, all of which are run locally. Every donated euro goes 100% towards our projects. It is totally easy to help! Long-term sponsors will find it particularly easy to benefit thanks to our Sponsor Circle.

We build schools

Because education opens doors throughout the world to a better future.

We build hospitals

Because we want to help children to be strong as they go through life in good health.

We build children’s homes

Because every child needs protection and safety as they grow up.

What we strive for

The beginnings of our foundation lie in Tanzania. Our projects in Africa’s fifth-largest country are representative of the things the PATRIZIA Children Foundation cares about most: access to education, equal opportunities and a life of self-determination for children and adolescents all over the world. We offer children help so they learn to look after themselves – in the areas that matter most, in the long term, in collaboration with a suitable local partner organisation. Our homes allow us to help as many children as possible to grow up in a safe environment so they can learn or recuperate their strength. Drawing on a wealth of experience in dealing with property allows us to maximise the benefit to those we help. One thing our sponsors can always be sure of: every penny of every donation, big or small, goes towards our projects. It is very easy to support us!

1st Foundation Talk with the Queen of Bhutan, Dr Auma Obama and Wolfgang Egger

How can disadvantaged children and adolescents worldwide be successfully supported? The challenges and goals of international foundation work was the focus of the first Foundation Talk of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation in Frankfurt on September 12th. The event was also the starting signal for a new project.

At the panel discussion for the sponsors of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation, founder Wolfgang Egger met with top-class guests: Dr. Auma Obama, founder of the Sauti Kuu Foundation and partner of the new PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center in Alego, Kenya. The sister of the former US President praised the approach of working in partnership with local organisations.

Another participant was the Queen Mother of Bhutan, Gyalyum Sangay Choden Wangchuck. She introduced her RENEW Foundation, founded in 2004, which is the only institution in Bhutan to offer a safe home primarily to children and women who are threatened by violence. She was pleased to announce together with the PATRIZIA Immobilien AG Foundation that they are starting a new project in the Himalayan state: The 17th institution of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation will be established here.

Altogether, the 1st Foundation Talk with over 100 top-class guests was a successful charity event and the prelude to other exciting events of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation.

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PATRIZIA Child Care Porayar, India

One of our most recent projects is the construction of a building in Porayar, South India: PATRIZIA Child Care Porayar will be the newly built children’s home that houses more than 200 girls in need. Without exception, the girls come from poor and difficult family backgrounds. Many of them have only one parent or are orphans.

The home not only offers them a place to live – it also provides them with a school education and thus a chance for a self-determined, better future. In India girls are still strongly discriminated against: Especially poor families only allow their sons to attend school. 

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Just some of the things we have already accomplished: facts and figures
200,000More than 200,000 children and adolescents worldwide have gained access to a proper education, offering them every chance to enjoy a better future.
We have been committed to the welfare of children and adolescents worldwide for 20 years. Our experience makes us a partner children can genuinely rely on.20
16To date, we have built 16 facilities worldwide, including schools, hospitals and children’s homes. We have also succeeded in adding at least one facility every year.
Each year, 20,000 children throughout the world receive essential medical treatment and general healthcare support through our hospitals and nursing homes.20,000
2,000Every year, more than 2,000 children – who would otherwise have little prospect of enjoying a life of self-determination – are given the life-changing opportunity to attend one of our schools.
Our children’s homes offer a secure and comfortable place to live to 200 children in need. 200
10We currently operate in ten countries: Germany, Cameroon, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Kenya. India and Bhutan will soon become additions to this list.

Our current events

The Sponsor Circle is an association of permanent sponsors who commit themselves to providing development aid through financial support of at least €10,000 or their unique know-how. Often, they like to show this commitment as part of a corporate social responsibility programme. We offer a variety of participation options – do contact us for more details.

First Foundation Talk, Frankfurt

To support disadvantaged children and young people worldwide, to define goals and challenges of international foundation work: Participants and invited guests focused on these topics at the 1st Foundation Talk of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation on September 12th in Frankfurt.

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White & Case Charity Dinner, Frankfurt

Cooking for a good cause – that was the aim of the exclusive White & Case Charity Dinner in Frankfurt on September 27th, 2018. For the construction of the PATRIZIA Secondary School Dhoksan in Nepal, White & Case LLP showed its generosity. 25,000 euros in donations were collected.

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