We provide children with access to
education – worldwide. You can help!

We offer lasting support to children worldwide

Our schools

Because education opens doors throughout the world to a better future.

Our hospitals

Because we want to help children to be strong as they go through life in good health.

Our children’s homes

Because every child needs protection and safety as they grow up.

Every child has the right to education.

Education is the key to a better life. Our goal is to give children and young people access to education. Worldwide.

Together with selected local partners, we create educational infrastructures – through schools, accommodations and hospitals. We think in generations: Every PATRIZIA KinderHaus is operated by our local partners for at least 25 years. Because we want to make a sustainable difference and promote the development of independent communities.

Support us in giving children worldwide a perspective for a better future. We promise to use every donated euro in the best possible way. And every euro flows 100 percent into the projects.



More than 600 participants at the Remote Run for Rwanda

The #patriziarun with 654 participants raised net proceeds of around 5,000 euros, which will be used to support the development of digital learning infrastructures in Rwanda.

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The new issue of our foundation magazine is out! This year, Covid-19 has changed a lot, including our foundation work. You can also learn more about the new look and feel of our foundation brand.

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Our new look and feel

The PATRIZIA Foundation has repositioned itself with the aim of giving even more children the chance of a better future.

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We want to thank all our sponsors and partners: