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Building the future together – true to its motto, the PATRIZIA Foundation has been working for access to education, health care and welfarefor more than 20 years.

With responsibly chosen projects we create educational infrastructures with our children’s facilities where they are most urgently needed. On this page we present current projects of the PATRIZIA Foundation for which you can make earmarked donations. 100 percent of your donation will go to the respective project.

Travelogue Tanzania Peramiho Children's Hospital

Our goal is that through education children everywhere can find their own way to enjoy a self-determined future. We are pursuing this aim with everything we have.”

Wolfgang Egger
Founder of the PATRIZIA Foundation

Education that comes from the heart

With Hearts4Change, we have created an extraordinary campaign with the help of which we want to open up access to education, health care and welfare for a total of one million children by 2030. Through your support of Hearts4Change, you are a true “person of the heart” for us. Because your donation, regardless of the amount, symbolises your commitment to the future of children and our special initiative. 

Schulkind in Songea

With your donation we can make a big difference!


The PATRIZIA Foundation has built a Child Care Centre in Mymensingh, Bangladesh which provides quality education for 80 children from extremely poor families.

While their children are well and safely looked after, the mothers can pursue their gainful employment with peace of mind.


Ready for the future

Ready for the

The PATRIZIA Foundation has launched a digitalisation offensive to make teaching possible even in times of crisis. This is currently happening in five countries.

The “Ready for the Future” concept is being implemented there. Later, the concept is to be implemented in the children’s homes across the board.



Lachendes Mädchen in der Klasse der PATRIZIA School Bafia

The PATRIZIA Foundation is renovating and expanding a primary school in Bafia, Cameroon. The lighthouse project offers hope to the people in an area where 37.5 % live below the poverty line. The existing school infrastructure, comprising dilapidated buildings without electricity and water connections presents a number of risks to the children.

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Support the projects of the PATRIZIA Foundation. I look forward to hearing from you.

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