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Building the future together – true to its motto, the PATRIZIA Foundation has been working for access to education for more than 20 years.

With responsibly chosen projects we create educational infrastructures with our children’s facilities where they are most urgently needed. On this page we present current projects of the PATRIZIA Foundation for which you can make earmarked donations. 100 percent of your donation will go to the respective project.

Travelogue Tanzania Peramiho Children's Hospital

Our goal is that through education children everywhere can find their own way to enjoy a self-determined future. We are pursuing this aim with everything we have.”

Wolfgang Egger
Founder of the PATRIZIA Foundation

Education as a way out of poverty

The educational situation of poor families in Bangladesh is often devastating. Fathers are often absent, the mothers have to work to support the family. Many young children are then left to fend for themselves or are supervised by older siblings – which in turn severely impairs their chances of education.

This is why the PATRIZIA Foundation is building a Child Care Centre in Mymensingh, about 110 km north of the national capital Dhaka, which will provide quality education for 80 children from extremely poor families according to the educational concept “Essence of Learning”. While the children are well and safely looked after, the mothers can pursue their gainful employment with peace of mind.

With your donation we can make a big difference!

Support Ukraine

The PATRIZIA Foundation has launched the EduCare Europe Fund. In doing so, the PATRIZIA Foundation has responded in a very short time to the acute situation that so many people are facing as a result of the war in Ukraine.

And for children and young people, the complete loss of any educational opportunities.

Support Songea

In addition to the ambitious goal of raising 100,000 euros for the PATRIZIA Primary School in Songea in Tanzania, the participants of the Bavarian Peaks Challenge will be tackling the Mangfall Mountains in two days. 

The aim of the fundraising campaign is to finance the school building of the PATRIZIA Primary School Songea.

Corona Help

Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, teaching in many schools around the world is no longer possible under normal circumstances – even in our children’s homes, classrooms remain empty time and again.

That’s why, in April 2020, we launched the Corona Fund Education Healthcare into being.

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