Our vision. Our mission.

Our goal is to enable as many children and young adults as possible to receive an education, thus empowering them to enjoy a life of self-determination in freedom.

After all, education is a fundamental human right. Only by receiving an education does it become possible for people to build independent and self-sufficient communities and break the vicious circle of poverty.

The projects we choose to support are underpinned by a sense of responsibility to create an educational framework through our KinderHaus facilities, in places where it is needed most, thus empowering others to help themselves.

In doing so, we allow people to identify more closely with projects on a local level, we foster self-confidence and we encourage others to take responsibility. Based on this philosophy, we work with local partners on the planning, setting up and long-term running of schools, training facilities, hospitals and lodgings with the aim of building a strong and sustainable sense of community.

“True to our motto Building a Future Together, we campaign worldwide as part of our goal of offering children and adolescents a better life through education.”

Wolfgang Egger
Founder of the PATRIZIA Foundation

Lasting impact

We think and act in terms of generations. This is why, when setting up a new KinderHaus facility, we require both parties (not just us, but also local parties) to commit to running facilities for at least 25 years.

Since 1999, this approach has worked to the benefit of more than 600,000 children and young adults at our KinderHaus facilities. Thanks to PATRIZIA SE, which bears the administration costs of the foundation, we can ensure that 100 per cent of donations go directly towards projects, allowing everyone to make the best possible use of every single donated euro.

We want to help children in the long term, promote more respect for fellow human-beings, and use resources and capabilities in such a way that they have a lasting impact for generations to come. Based on these values, we will work shoulder to shoulder with our partners in a sense of mutual support. Assisted by local organisations, the providers of financial support and other charitable foundations pursuing similar aims, we will create a network that will empower us to achieve more – side by side.