Your CSR strategy and worldwide education

Acting alongside the PATRIZIA Foundation as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner, you can assume social responsibility for education projects and demonstrably support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – particularly its education goals (SDG4). This is because our projects focus on creating education infrastructures in order to build long-term, self-reliant communities. We will help you identify a CSR project that best matches your company. You will also enjoy the full benefit of comprehensive CSR communication.

Our common goal: SDG4

The sustainable development goals are a unique opportunity to eradicate extreme poverty and set a course for the world to achieve full sustainability. Our education infrastructure projects play a pivotal role in working together to promote inclusive, equitable, high-quality education and offering lifelong learning opportunities to children and young people worldwide.

The benefits to you of CSR

As a CSR partner of the PATRIZIA Foundation, you can also secure competitive advantage. By establishing a long-term CSR strategy as a central aspect of your business, you say positive things about your company and enhance your reputation. Voluntary social engagement also comes across well to stakeholders such as investors, clients, staff, government bodies and the media, allowing you to stand out clearly from the competition.

For foundations, entering into a CSR partnership involves three phases: preparation, development and impact.

You can start referring to your project with a KinderHaus facility the moment we embark on a partnership: show your target groups how you are meeting legal requirements and assuming social responsibility. Naturally, we will help you with this.

The preparation phase

Interested in supporting a completely new project? Maybe even in the form of a white label solution? Together, we will identify a suitable project for you and ensure it matches the preferences of your company and staff.

Alternatively, you can build on an existing project and provide the close support of a new partner. For example, by supporting a project as a patron, you can help with refurbishments or the extension of a facility to include a special ‘future classroom’.

The development phase

Our partners on the ground have a strong understanding of local infrastructures and the needs within the community. For this reason, all construction work is carried out by local workers, only using building materials from the local area. This ensures we bolster local infrastructure. On request, we can also ensure new developments adhere to specific ESG criteria. All of our facilities are built according to sustainability standards. As our project partner, you are involved in construction from the very beginning of the project and receive comprehensive information on each phase of construction.


You decide how much you want to communicate about your project to the outside world and which target groups to inform.

We ensure that you receive comprehensive marketing materials for each communication channel, entirely according to your needs. As our CSR partner, you also have direct access to our exclusive partner website: This platform offers detailed information on your project, which is also quick and easy to download.

Our promises to you

Adding value for generations

We promise to support every KinderHaus facility project for at least 25 years.

For us, laying the last brick at a school, children’s hospital or dormitory should only mark the turning of a page to start writing the next chapter. Why? Because to have lasting impact, you don’t just help in the here and now – it takes another key ingredient: time.

That’s why at the foundation we and our local partners always commit to support projects for at least 25 years. Only this way can a facility operate successfully in the long term. Only this way will every single child be offered lasting support and enjoy the prospect of a brighter future. And only this way can an entire generation learn to be self-sufficient. So that every euro you invest today continues to fulfil your responsibility tomorrow.

A partner of professional standards

We promise to make the very best use of every euro so that it translates into two, three or four euros. Your engagement will have a lasting impact. Not only on the children you support directly through our projects, but also on your company, colleagues, customers or investors.

For us, an investment in a property means ensuring that everything we do considers the most distant possible horizons. Because ultimately we all want the same thing: long-term returns. So why should it be any different for a CSR project? It shouldn’t. Because it isn’t. We know the on-site conditions and requirements that affect buildings. Which is why we work with a powerful network of local experts. It’s also why we possess the skills it takes to manage projects professionally. And because it’s long-term returns that count, every donated euro is channelled directly into projects. So each euro multiplies into a second, third and fourth euro.

Deciding to become involved in a CSR project is of strategic importance to the success of your company. More and more customers, employees and clients now expect the companies they deal with to assume social responsibility. A CSR strategy allows you to work with others towards a more equitable and better future.

In many ways, CSR is now an indispensable ingredient of employer branding and the race to recruit young talent. Both Generation X and Y want to work for companies that are a good fit with their own environmental and social values. Customers and business partners also feel a stronger sense of trust in you when they know you’re making sensible decisions regarding procurement and partnerships. Provide your stakeholders with the reassurance they require and become part of a network of sustainable engagement.

The benefits to your organisation and our promises to you at a glance:

For you: competitive advantage

  • Clients: as a sustainable organisation, you enhance your reputation and customer loyalty, potentially also attracting new customers
  • Staff: their engagement plays an important role in employee retention, employer branding, attracting new talent and establishing a culture of social responsibility
  • Image: you strengthen your reputation in the public eye and can play to this image when dealing with banks or authorities, also improving investor relations

From us: important promises

  • Long-term commitment: as a foundation, we and our local partners always commit to engage in projects for at least 25 years
  • Professional processes: we promise to make the very best use of every euro so that it translates into two, three or four euros
  • Transparency: you maintain a complete overview of your project, from the initial planning phase to actual implementation

A school in the rainforest – thanks to apoprojekt

PATRIZIA School Sondoveni was built in the middle of the Peruvian rainforest, offering a secondary school education to just under 40 children from the nearby village of Sondoveni. “We joined forces with the PATRIZIA Foundation in March 2020 to build an extension to the school in the Peruvian rainforest. Our role at apoprojekt was to provide the entire funding and take care of planning and delivering the project. A number of our employees have already travelled to Peru to help with construction,” says Hendrik von Paepcke, managing director of apoprojekt. The PATRIZIA Foundation covers all the administration costs to ensure every euro goes towards the project.

Find out more information: PATRIZIA School Sondoveni


“Communication – demonstrate your commitment!”

As your CSR partner, we offer support and comprehensive advice on communicating your engagement as carefully and effectively as possible.

Having the PATRIZIA Foundation at your side means you can make a contractual commitment to making funds available for your social engagement, as soon as you embark on the project. The advice we offer spans all aspects of CSR budgeting. Investments you make are treated like any donation and go 100% towards a KinderHaus facility. We also consider additional requirements you may have in terms of CSR communication, including any associated outlays and personnel requirements.

To raise the profile of your voluntary commitment to the PATRIZIA Foundation, we provide media content to support your PR and marketing strategy. We can also set up a volunteering programme as part of your employer branding strategy and provide the full range of marketing collateral, also with branding if required. At any time, we can also help you plan and produce special materials.

It’s normal to have to make adjustments to CSR campaigns once projects get underway, so naturally we’re always in a position to adapt to your needs or an unforeseen situation in your market.

As a CSR partner, you will be also part of Sponsor Circles – a network of companies that support our educational work.

The Sponsor Circle

The Sponsor Circle is an exclusive circle of loyal and reliable sponsors who support our educational projects for children worldwide with a donation of 10,000 euros or also with their unique know-how. This commitment can be part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. Together we will find the right form of commitment for your company – please contact us!

PATRIZIA Child Care Porayar, India

Together with our project partner ADVICUM, we have been looking after the girls’ home in India since 2019. The facility provides a safe roof over the heads of 240 children and young women from poor and difficult family backgrounds.

More information


PATRIZIA School Dhoksan, Nepal

We are currently building an innovative, earthquake-proof digital classroom with our project partner Supertecture. The Digital Classroom will be fitted with modern media equipment and should become a beacon project for the PATRIZIA Foundation.

More information

PATRIZIA School Yaoundé, Cameroon

Our partnership with the business law firm Sonntag & Partner enables 600 children to continue their education in Yaoundé after finishing primary school. That is not something that can be taken for granted in Cameroon.

More information

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