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Looking for a business partner to implement your CSR strategy?

Join forces with the PATRIZIA Foundation by becoming an official CSR Partner, giving you social responsibility for education projects and allowing you to offer children and young people worldwide an important chance to enjoy equal opportunities. Our projects are an important tool in creating education infrastructure and building long-term, self-reliant communities. We will help you identify the ideal CSR project for your company. You will also enjoy the full benefit of comprehensive CSR communication.

As a CSR partner of the PATRIZIA Foundation, you automatically – and demonstrably – support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UN goals are a unique opportunity to eradicate extreme poverty and point the world in the direction of full sustainability.
sustainability. For companies, the SDGs represent a door to a new realm of opportunity, not only to develop new solutions but also to implement technology that will address the world’s most pressing sustainable development challenges. SDG 4 is about education. Its aim: to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Our promises to you

Adding value for generations

We promise to support every KinderHaus facility project for at least 25 years.

For us, laying the last brick at a school, children’s hospital or dormitory should only mark the turning of a page to start writing the next chapter. Why? Because to have lasting impact, you don’t just help in the here and now – it takes another key ingredient: time.

That’s why at the foundation we and our local partners always commit to support projects for at least 25 years. Only this way can a facility operate successfully in the long term. Only this way will every single child be offered lasting support and enjoy the prospect of a brighter future. And only this way can an entire generation learn to be self-sufficient. So that every euro you invest today continues to fulfil your responsibility tomorrow.

A partner of professional standards

We promise to make the very best use of every euro so that it translates into two, three or four euros. Your engagement will have a lasting impact. Not only on the children you support directly through our projects, but also on your company, colleagues, customers or investors.

For us, an investment in a property means ensuring that everything we do considers the most distant possible horizons. Because ultimately we all want the same thing: long-term returns. So why should it be any different for a CSR project? It shouldn’t. Because it isn’t. We know the on-site conditions and requirements that affect buildings. Which is why we work with a powerful network of local experts. It’s also why we possess the skills it takes to manage projects professionally. And because it’s long-term returns that count, every donated euro is channelled directly into projects. So each euro multiplies into a second, third and fourth euro.

Investments with impact – CSR as a corporate strategy

Gain competitive advantage:

  • Generate stronger customer loyalty by demonstrating social responsibility as a company
  • Bolster employee retention and strengthen your corporate culture
  • Proactively engage in reputation management

    Benefit as a CSR partner:

    • Receive annual project reports as well as timely updates thanks to our partner platform (
    • Join a global network of like-minded sponsors, NPOs, charitable organisations and companies in the property investment industry
    • Gain direct access to volunteering programmes, PR material and media content – plus a portfolio of services to dovetail with your marketing and communication activities (fee-based)

    Demonstrate your commitment!

    As a CSR Partner, you also enjoy all the benefits of Sponsor Circle membership (including the partner signet).

    Further information on the exclusive Sponsor Circle can be found here.

    Engaging in better futures

    The preparation phase

    In a process of open dialogue, we’ll find the right project for you. You define the scope and level of commitment you want to make in your CSR initiative – we provide you with professional advice on your CSR strategy and your SDG audit. Allow us to send you an offer tailored to your particular needs.

    Building better futures

    The on-site construction phase

    We embark on construction with our local partner. Naturally, we pay close attention to sustainable building standards in accordance with ESG guidelines. To bolster the economy in the local areas, we look for skilled workers in the community and ensure all building materials are sourced in the country of your project. As soon as building gets underway, we ensure that the project is announced publicly and provide you with information on each stage of the build.

    Telling better futures

    The impact phase

    Make reference to projects in your own communication channels. We will gladly provide you with suitable content for everything from social media posts to project videos. Take part in our events and tell others about your KinderHaus facility. We can also offer your employees wonderfully rewarding volunteering activities and access to intercultural programmes. At any time, you can also go to our website and access any information you require on your project.

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    Our projects – worldwide

    We thank all our sponsors and partners:



    2016 | Yaoundé, Cameroon
    PATRIZIA School Yaoundé



    2006 | München / Munich
    PATRIZIA Aftercare München / Munich

    2008 | Hamburg
    PATRIZIA Aftercare Hamburg

    2013 | Augsburg
    PATRIZIA Child Care Augsburg

    2015 | Augsburg
    PATRIZIA Child Therapy Augsburg



    2018 | Porayar
    PATRIZIA Child Care Porayar



    2017 | Syangeni, Kenya
    PATRIZIA School Syangeni

    2018 | Alego, Kenya
    PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center Alego



    2012 | 2018 | Dhoksan
    PATRIZIA School Dhoksan



    2017 | Sondoveni, Peru
    PATRIZIA School Sondoveni



    2008 | Ntarama, Rwanda
    PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center Ntarama


    South Africa

    2013 | Western Cape, South Africa
    PATRIZIA Child Care Western Cape



    2002 | Peramiho, Tanzania
    PATRIZIA Children Hospital Peramiho

    2014 | Songea, Tanzania
    PATRIZIA Child Care Songea

    2017 | Peramiho, Tanzania
    PATRIZIA School Peramiho



    2009 | Buyamba, Uganda
    PATRIZIA School Byamba



    2016 | Harare, Zimbabwe
    PATRIZIA School Harare