Your social commitment to education

Together with the PATRIZIA Foundation, as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner you assume social responsibility for education projects and demonstrably support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – above all the goals in the field of education (SDG4). Because our projects specialise in creating educational infrastructures for building long-term and self-reliant communities.

Work with us to find the right KinderHaus project that fits your corporate goals and use your social commitment for comprehensive CSR communication both internally and externally.

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Your success through a CSR partnership

CSR is a strategic decision for corporate success. More and more customers, employees and business partners expect companies to assume social responsibility for society, the environment and human rights. With a CSR strategy, you are working for a fairer and better future.

Especially in the area of employee recruitment and retention, CSR has become indispensable. The young generation wants employers who match their own ecological-social values. And customers and business partners also gain trust when they know that they are supporting a socially committed company with their purchasing and cooperation decisions. As a “Good Company”, they also strengthen their reputation with institutions and in the public sphere. Serve your stakeholders and become part of a network of sustainable commitment with a CSR partnership.

The preparation phase

You want to implement a completely new project? And even in the form of your own Kinderhaus project? Together we will find your suitable project tailored to the preferences of your company and employees.

As a CSR partner, you can also support existing children’s houses or projects. For example, the Digital Classroom, which focuses on buildinginfrastructures for digital learning.

The development phase

Our local partners on site know the infrastructure and needs of the community. Therefore, construction is carried out exclusively by local labour and with building materials from the region. In this way, we strengthen the local infrastructure. Every facility is built on the basis of sustainable standards. As a CSR project partner, you are involved in the construction phases from the very beginning and receive extensive information on the individual construction phases.


You decide how much you want to communicate about your project to the outside world and which target groups to inform.

We ensure that you receive comprehensive marketing materials for each communication channel, entirely according to your needs. Furthermore we offer detailed information on your project.

From us: important promises

Long term: Together with our partners, we as a foundation commit ourselves to accompany each project for at least 25 years.

Professionalism: We promise to make the very best use of every euro so that it translates into two, three or four euros.

Transparency: From the planning phase to realisation, you get full insight into your CSR partnership project.

Use the project for your CSR strategy

We would be happy to advise you on setting up or professionalising your CSR strategy. Decide how extensively you want to communicate your project to the outside world and to which target groups. We will ensure that you have comprehensive marketing materials for your communication channels according to your needs. Sandra von Waldenfels will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have in the area of social responsibility.

CSR partnerships: projects worldwide

PATRIZIA Child Care Porayar, India

Together with our CSR project partner Advicum, we have been looking after the girls’ home in India since 2019, which provides a safe home for 240 children and young women from poor and difficult family backgrounds.

PATRIZIA School Dhoksan, Nepal

With our cooperation partner Supertecture, we are building an innovative, earthquake-proof digital classroom. The Digital Classroom with modern media equipment will be a flagship project of the Foundation.

PATRIZIA School Yaoundé, Cameroon

The cooperation with the business law firm Sonntag & Partner enables 600 children in Yaoundé to continue their schooling after primary school. Unfortunately, this is still not a matter of course in Cameroon.

Through your CSR partnership, you are also part of the IMPACT Circle – a network of companies that support our educational work.

What is the IMPACT CIRCLE?

The IMPACT CIRCLE is an exclusive circle of loyal and reliable sponsors who support the work on our educational projects for children worldwide with a donation of 12,000 Euros or also with their unique know-how.

This commitment can be part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. Together we will find the right form of CSR cooperation for your company – please contact us!

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Looking for a professional CSR partner? We’ll be pleased to advise you.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSR?

CSR stands for corporate social responsibility. It describes the voluntary actions of a company performed for the common good, sometimes going far beyond minimum legal requirements. Companies acting in the spirit of CSR systematically conduct business activities in line with ethical goals. They feel responsible for their business activities, which they take seriously in terms of social, environmental and economic impact. CSR takes into account how the operations of a company affect employees, local communities, customers, the environment, human rights and, if necessary, other areas.


Why is CSR also important for companies from a commercial standpoint?

Customers and business partners are becoming increasingly conscious of CSR issues and want to know the facts before they enter into business relationships. When there are very few differences between company offerings, actively managing a CSR programme can deliver important competitive advantage to a company. The more interest customers and business partners show in the social and environmental engagement of companies, the more important it is from a commercial standpoint that companies fulfil CSR expectations.

Many companies are hesitant when it comes to engaging in CSR activities, because the main impression they gain at the beginning is that it will raise costs and tie up personnel. Engaging in CSR can actually bring immediate financial benefit to companies, however. This is because turning the spotlight on all processes unleashes potential to innovate and frees up creativity. Often, different and previously undiscovered ways to save resources and thus cut costs become apparent. For example, it may be possible to improve energy efficiency, find ingenious ways to manage waste, or recycle more materials.


In what ways can CSR benefit recruitment and employee retention?

Young people have high expectations when it comes to ethics and sustainability standards, particularly if they are currently embarking on a career or will be entering the employment market in the coming years. They want answers to the burning issues of modern times, many of which relate to sustainability. Given current skills shortages and demographic changes, they are in a position to choose which company they want to work for. Firms with a strategy that focuses on their responsibility to society, the environment and human rights are at a clear advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining highly qualified employees. To put it bluntly: CSR has become an integral ingredient of employer branding.


How does a company engage in CSR?

Deciding to pay more attention to the social, environmental and commercial impacts of a company’s actions, in all areas, is a management responsibility. To successfully enshrine CSR within the core business activities of a company, all employees must be involved. This entails developing a CSR strategy, defining goals and capturing how specifically actions will be implemented. Working with experienced, not-for-profit partners allows companies to add important impetus to CSR goals, because firms also benefit from the know-how, reputation and existing set-up and systems of those partners.


How can I enter into a CSR partnership with the PATRIZIA Foundation?

If you are interested in entering into a CSR partnership with the PATRIZIA Foundation, feel free to contact our CSR expert, Katrin Halboth. Together, we can develop a concept to match your CSR and brand strategy. We will also ensure both parties derive long-term benefit from the arrangement. Whether we work jointly on a new concept or pool resources in an existing project, together we are certain to determine and design the right way forward for your CSR partnership. You will be assigned a direct contact at the PATRIZIA Foundation, who will be happy to provide you with individual support throughout the entire duration of our partnership. We can also enable you to benefit from comprehensive CSR communication support. In addition, it is possible to arrange visits to our project sites as part of a CSR partnership. This will allow you to see with your own eyes the difference you can make by helping.


What do I stand to achieve by entering into a CSR partnership with the PATRIZIA Foundation?

As a CSR partner of the PATRIZIA Foundation, you invest in international education projects, thus supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – particularly its education goals (SDG 4). This is because our projects focus on establishing the education systems and processes required to build long-term, self-reliant communities. As well as boosting your reputation, customer loyalty and client acquisition, this also enhances employee retention and recruitment. To enable you to derive the best possible benefit from your commitment to a CSR partnership, particularly to the outside world, we provide you with comprehensive marketing materials.


A school in the rainforest – thanks to apoprojekt

PATRIZIA School Sondoveni was built in the middle of the Peruvian rainforest, offering a secondary school education to just under 40 children from the nearby village of Sondoveni. “We joined forces with the PATRIZIA Foundation in March 2020 to build an extension to the school in the Peruvian rainforest.

Our role at apoprojekt was to provide the entire funding and take care of planning and delivering the project. A number of our employees have already travelled to Peru to help with construction,” says Hendrik von Paepcke, managing director of apoprojekt. The PATRIZIA Foundation covers all the administration costs to ensure every euro goes towards the project.

Find out more information: PATRIZIA School Sondoveni