7th PATRIZIA Charity Golf Cup

Jul. 2019

The annual PATRIZIA Charity Golf Cup took place end of June for the benefit of the PATRIZIA Foundation and – as almost every year – was accompanied by bright sunshine. The tournament was well attended: 45 participants played at a summer temperature of 32 degrees at the invitation of the foundation. For them, the day in the country is traditionally a wonderful occasion to combine everything: They can do sports, maintain their network and do good by playing.

In the picturesque Golf-Club Hof Hausen vor der Sonne (“vor der Sonne” meaning “in front of the sun”) the name said it all: the players sweated on the golf course with nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit and were happy about the occasional pleasant breeze. The 45 participants used the beautiful day to play and network.

left to right: Julia Agerer, Jowita Fuchshofer, Alexander Busl
The members of the Sponsor Circle of the PATRIZIA Foundation can visit various events:  The golf tournament is particularly popular because it offers intensive networking possibilities: Texas Scramble with 3-flights – this game is all about fun! It also offers a lot of time to deep dive into conversations, cultivate acquaintanceships, and exchange ideas – something that distinguishes the network of friends and supporters of the foundation and makes it so attractive for many.

Like last year, Sissy de Mas acted as game director. The television presenter, known from the editorial office for sports of the TV broadcaster ZDF, guided the audience through the game and presented the results in a very entertaining way. Her husband, Sepp Ortmeier, accompanied her – as a participant on the green.

Powerfull Support

Among the participants were also some PATRIZIAns. Like Klaus Schmitt, COO of PATRIZIA AG, as patron of the event and enthusiastic golf player. And also Peter Helfrich, member of the foundation board. Since his trip to the PATRIZIA KinderHaus facility in Nepal last year, he knows first-hand how important the work of the foundation is: “In 20 years of foundation work, we have achieved a great deal and set ourselves high goals for the next 20 years. It fills us with great joy and gratitude that we have such loyal supporters and friends who help us in the long term with their donations, their time or their know-how”.

Peter Helfrich

Many foundation partners – one goal

At the subsequent joint evening event in the manor house of the golf club, former managing director Alexander Busl presented current projects of the Foundation, including the PATRIZIA School Harare, Zimbabwe. The primary school is currently being extended. Alexander Busl showed the work of the foundation with a film and a short presentation. The PATRIZIA School Harare is regarded as a prime example of successful international foundation work.

The PATRIZIA Foundation relies on intensive cooperation with selected local partners for every construction project. In the case of Harare, the number of partners is high; this is the only way to build a future together. With the local organisation Vision & Hope Zimbabwe and the financial support of the German association ZimRelief e. V., the construction of the modular primary school began in 2016.

The PATRIZIA Foundation is working intensively with Engineers Without Borders on this project. The honorary engineers of the Stuttgart group manage the construction and have won many more sponsors for the construction costs. In addition, they are training 20 local workers on the construction site. The workers and residents will also receive further training in the fourth construction phase, so that they will be able to do more and more of the work on their own. A valuable opportunity for these people as well: a regular, secure income during the construction period and professional training – both are not a matter of course in Harare.

Through a nutrition program of the Vision & Hope Foundation, supported by ZimRelief e.V., the students also receive a full meal a day. And even a school garden has been created, so that the pupils have access to fresh vegetables.