Ambassadors of the PATRIZIA Foundation

Mar. 2019

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are honoured to welcome the World Cup-winning footballer Mario Götze and his wife, model Ann-Kathrin Götze, to the PATRIZIA Foundation family. Together with these two ambassadors, we have a lot of plans for this year and beyond – they will give you some insight here. Read the entire interview with Mario and Ann-Kathrin Götze in the new edition of our Foundation magazine Twenty

The primary goal of the PATRIZIA Foundation is to help as many children as possible to get access to education. Our new ambassadors Ann-Kathrin and Mario Götze support this goal by raising awareness for us. Mario has been kicking a football from the moment he could walk and will focus on sports in the individual PATRIZIA KinderHaus facilities: “Sport is an integral part of child development and makes an important contribution to personal growth, especially when you play football. It is a team sport, so you realise quickly that you can only be really successful if you work together. This also develops social skills, which are important for children.”

As a successful model and influencer, his wife Ann-Kathrin sees her task as an ambassador in strengthening girls’ rights. “Equalrights and opportunities for men and women shouldn’t be restricted by national borders. Some of the facilities run by the PATRIZIA Foundation [note: such as the PATRIZIA Child Care Porayar] specifically support girls and young women. I will mainly be active as an ambassador in this area.”

We are looking forward to the first of many years of cooperation!

Ann-Kathrin Götze visits the PATRIZIA Aftercare Hamburg