Little artists in South Africa

Jan. 2022

The children at PATRIZIA Child Care Western Cape in South Africa have been painting pictures for the PATRIZIA Foundation. There’s only one word to describe their little works of art: beautiful!

Roughly 140 children aged three to five attend the Educare Centres at PATRIZIA Child Care Western Cape. The three facilities are operated by our local partner, the Thembalitsha Foundation, as part of a mission to offer children from deprived backgrounds the chance to enjoy a good education during early childhood.

The PATRIZIA Foundation asked its local partner if it could invite the children to paint some pictures for our communications manual. The idea was to paint the entire facility, a classroom or the children themselves with their classmates. 

The children were free to use any painting materials they wanted to – whether that was crayons, chalk or even drawing a picture on a computer. Entirely their choice. The result: true works of art – from drawings to knitted pictures and even pictures sketched in sand.

Their illustrations also underscore how creative children can be when, from an early age, they are fostered in their development.

Pictures from children in the Educare Centre Graceland

Pictures from children in the Educare Centre Thembani

Pictures from children in the Educare Centre Agape