Remote Run for Cameroon

Dec. 2022

Welcome to the third charity remote run of the PATRIZIA Foundation – organised by Christina Lutz and volunteers who will build a playground in Cameroon together.

During the period from 24 December 2022 to 11 January 2023, you will have the opportunity to run 5 km for a good cause. The choice of route is up to you. You measure your time yourself and enter it online in our portal, based on trust. With your participation you support the PATRIZIA School Yaoundé. We will transform the 400m² concrete schoolyard into a playground for children.

Charity and Volunteering Action

How does it work?

Those who want to run for the good cause can register via the Race Result portal. In the period from 24 December to 11 January, each participant runs a five-kilometre route of their choice, tracks their time themselves (trust-based) and uploads it – along with a photo if they wish – to the portal. Afterwards, the participants will receive an individual certificate to print out.


8 steps to the goal:

  1. Register on the Race Result portal by 24 December 2022.
  2. Print out your start number, which you will receive in the registration confirmation email.
  3. Share your activity in your network! #patriziarun
  4. Find any 5 km running track in your neighbourhood!
  5. Run/walk during the campaign period 24 December 2022 to 11 January 2023 and track your time.
  6. Take a photo of yourself with your race number: before, during or after the race.
  7. Upload the photo and your running time to Race Result’s portal and feel free to post it on social media using the hashtag #patriziarun
  8. You will receive your individual certificate to print out by e-mail.

A playground for the PATRIZIA School Yaoundé

About 350 children currently attend the primary school and another 250 the secondary school of PATRIZIA School Yaoundé. A kindergarten and a parish of the partner organisation Pallotine Mission are also directly adjacent. Thanks to the donations, the children there have had access to education since 2016. With the planned playground, the primary school children will now have a place to play and let off steam on the school grounds. Especially at this age, play and movement are important for physical development and the development of social skills.

Based on these findings, the pedagogical methodology Essence of Learning is already being used at the school in Yaoundé. This concept is designed to enable independent learning by being strongly oriented towards the developmental stage of the child. Thus, the first steps towards more child-centred teaching have been taken already and will be further advanced by our new project: the construction of a playground that best meets the needs of the children.

Construction drawing playground

60,000€ are needed to expand the already existing playground equipment on the 400m² school grounds into a coherent playground with climbing landscape and play tower. In cooperation with the non-profit association KuKuK Kultur e. V., the PATRIZIA Foundation wants to build an age-appropriate and richly planted playground that offers as many shady places as possible for the children. Above all, natural materials are to be used for the construction.

#patriziarun – the hashtag to share!

The success of the project depends on as many people as possible spreading the word about the run and sharing their participation in the run in their own networks, for example, in order to motivate others to run as well – or to donate. This is also a good way for non-runners to support the project in Cameroon. Whether before the run or afterwards: Every post with the hashtag #patriziarun helps to make the project better known and thus also helps the school in Cameroon. Questions, requests or suggestions can be sent to the e-mail address