235 participants cycled at the 2nd #patriziaride

Jul. 2022

This year’s Cycling Challenge was once again a complete success: 235 participants got on their bikes in June and collected over 6,800 € for the EduCare Europe Fund under the motto “Cycle for Ukraine – Together for Solidarity”. With this fund, the PATRIZIA Foundation supports children and young people affected by the Ukraine war and helps them on their way back to a normal school life.

After the premiere last year, it was now the second #patriziaride. Between 1 and 30 June, the aim was to cycle as many kilometres as possible. And the Cycle for Ukraine was a great success: more than 6,800 € in proceeds from participant fees and donations were collected; a total of 54,474 km were cycled. 100 % of the proceeds flow into the EduCare Europe Fund. From this fund, the PATRIZIA Foundation, together with partners, creates Child-Friendly Places across Europe, where children and young people affected by the Ukraine war receive help from emergency educators and support on their way into their new everyday lives.

The initiators of the #patriziaride are proud that so many people have set a sign of solidarity by taking part in the challenge. “235 participants – by the way, coincidentally the same number as last year – got on their bikes for our campaign. We were delighted with every single one. With the money raised, we can support children and young people who have to suffer from war in the heart of Europe,” Eva Maria Bergel from the PATRIZIA Foundation is pleased to say.

Highlights: Alpine crossings and around Central Park

Popular routes for the Challenge cyclists were the Hamburg – Berlin route and in Augsburg the paths along the Lech river. More unusual routes of the participants led, for example, around Central Park in New York. Two teams even dared to cross the Alps.

Thomas Sollich from Germany collected the most kilometres among the men. He cycled a proud 2,167.54 km. Annelies Siller from Italy achieved the best result among the women with 1,025.33 km.

Around the globe and across all age groups

The participants of the Cycling Challenge came from 21 different countries. In addition to cyclists in European countries, they also got on their bikes in the USA, Australia, Brazil and Japan. The ages ranged from two years old to the oldest participant at 71. Many Sponsor Circle Members and their employees also signed up again.