Walking with the PATRIZIA Foundation

Oct. 2020

This year’s annual walk took place on 24 and 25 September. It was an ideal occasion for members of the Sponsor Circle to spend a day in the mountains with the PATRIZIA Foundation. After getting plenty of exercise and soaking in the clear mountain air around Bad Reichenhall, the walkers used the occasion to talk about sustainability and find out more about corporate social responsibility programmes.

The walk organised by the PATRIZIA Foundation was an exclusive networking event. The guests on the walk included members of the Sponsor Circle, representatives of the team working at the foundation and chairwoman of the foundation board Angelika Jacobi. The patron of this year’s event for PATRIZIA was CFO Karim Bohn, who talked about current developments in the property industry during the Covid-19 pandemic. The walkers also used the time to get to know each other, exchange views and find out more about the current projects of the PATRIZIA Foundation.

The event actually kicked off on the Thursday evening over dinner at Obermühle Inn in Bad Reichenhall. The next item on the agenda came on the Friday morning with a guided tour of the old salt works followed by a good hike – well, more like an extended walk – up to the Seewirt Inn on Lake Thumsee. The walkers then settled in for lunch.

Talk about sustainable development

Architect Till Gröner from partner Supertecture talked to the guests about his amazing work on projects for the foundation. As usual, there was strong interest in what Till had to share, particularly his fascinating account of the sustainability aspects of his award-winning project at the PATRIZIA school in Dhoksan. In a relaxed atmosphere, Jowita Fuchshofer from the PATRIZIA Foundation then told the members of the Sponsor Circle about CSR programmes at the foundation and different ways to support projects by getting involved in individual partnerships. It was also a good opportunity for our sponsors to talk to current CSR partners of the foundation at the event.

We’re delighted at how well the walk went with our mountain-loving guests, and it was a lovely meal afterwards accompanied by some fascinating conversation.