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Nov. 2020

Why CHANGE? This year, Covid-19 has changed many things in our lives – including the work of the foundation. It’s scarcely been possible to implement new projects, and our focus has shifted to helping Kinderhaus facilities in urgent need of support due to the crisis. Therefore, we created our new relief fund. We report in the magazine on how we have already been able to help with Corona Fund Education Healthcare.

The foundation has also changed in other ways, too. It has expanded and adopted a clearer positioning in order to have an even greater impact, enable more children and young adults to receive an education, and thus offer them a valuable opportunity to enjoy a better life in the future. The further development of the foundation brand is already reflected in the name, the logo and our slogan. Angelika Jacobi tells us more about the new brand in an interview.

Living up to your corporate social responsibility can empower a company to change the world. In an interview, Prof. Bodo Schlegelmilch, a CSR expert from the university of Vienna, explains how. You can see how this translates into tangible action with an example of a project being carried out by Funk Group, the CSR partner for our project in India, where we’re working on the construction of a new kindergarten for 100 children.

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