Lake District Charity Challenge

Apr. 2021

PATRIZIA staff from the UK are organizing a walking challenge from September 20th to 21st in the Lake District National Park (northern England) to raise money for the PATRIZIA School in Buyamba, Uganda.

The double challenge

PATRIZIAns from all locations can take part in the hiking challenge on England’s highest mountain. But the participants face a double challenge. In addition to a demanding 47-kilometer hike over two days in the breathtaking scenery of the Lake District from High Pike to Hart Crag, they have also set themselves a high fundraising goal for the benefit of the PATRIZIA Foundation: Together they want to collect at least €100,000 in the coming weeks.

You would like to support the Challenge financially? You can find more information here.

The goal: reopening a school in Uganda

The money will be used to support the PATRIZIA School in Buyamba. In the last ten years, the number of pupils in the school has increased by more than 50 percent reaching now more than 800. This poses problems for the operation of the school because the existing facilities do no longer offer sufficient space. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to the closure of all schools in Uganda. For a full reopening, schools must implement measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, the PATRIZIA School in Buyamba itself does not have the necessary financial resources and does not receive any support from the government.

With the fundraising challenge, the PATRIZIAns from UK want to support the PATRIZIA Foundation to enable the school to operate under the specified Covid 19 provisions. For this purpose, the installation of a rainwater collection system is planned. In addition, two classrooms will be built outdoors and the nine existing classrooms and bedrooms will be renovated. The money raised at the PATRIZIA Lake District Charity Challenge will go towards this cause.

Support the project

On our page “Support our school in Uganda” you will find more information about the PATRIZIA Lake District Charity Challenge. You can also find out how you can support the project and what measures will be implemented with the money raised.

The PATRIZIAners are collecting donations for their fundraising challenge via Betterplace. We are happy if the campaign finds many supporters so that the fundraising goal is reached. You can also help to give children a better future! Please donate now so that the children in Buyamba have access to education again!

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