Father Anastasius about Corona in Tanzania

Mar. 2021

In 2002, we opened PATRIZIA Children’s Hospital Peramiho in Tanzania, which in itself became a foundation stone for the PATRIZIA Foundation today. We still enjoy close ties with the African continent, as evidenced by no less than ten Kinderhaus facilities now set up by the PATRIZIA Foundation. Father Anastasius of the Missionary Benedictines of St. Ottilien, an important project partner of the foundation, describes how the coronavirus pandemic is currently unfolding in Tanzania and explains how we can help others by joining forces. As the former abbot in Peramiho, he knows the region like the back of his hand.

The coronavirus pandemic in Tanzania

The Corona Fund Education Healthcare has been an important tool for the PATRIZIA Foundation ever since the onset of the pandemic. Not only has it enabled us to safeguard continuing access to education worldwide, we were able to offer important emergency aid and put longer-term measures in place – as was the case in Tanzania.

Safeguarding access to education by improving hygiene measures

As well as raising hygiene standards in village health centres in Tanzania, we are also improving conditions in hospitals. We’re ensuring social distancing requirements are adhered to and extending bathrooms and sanitary facilities. The rules we’ve introduced will help contain the spread of Covid-19.

The best way to ensure children and young people continue to receive an education is to make it possible for them to actually attend school. Unfortunately, however, many schools are still closed in Tanzania. By providing an additional financial safety net, the coronavirus fund makes it possible for schools to implement government hygiene policies and gradually get back to re-opening their doors. At the same time, teaching materials have been sent to children and their parents to improve their understanding of the virus and make up for lessons missed as a result of school closures.

You can help, too!

We’ve taken the first steps, but we continue to depend on your support to keep going. Every donation makes a difference, not only by allowing us to deal with acute need but also by helping us tackle longer-term issues. Our promise to you is that 100 per cent of every donation is channelled directly into project work.

Thank you for continuing to help us provide children and young people with an education and enabling them to look forward to a better future.