PATRIZIA Aftercare Munich, Germany

The aftercare centre built at the Third Order Hospital in Munich in 2006 based on the model of the “Stiftung bunter Kreis” is dedicated to seriously and chronically ill children. The aim of PATRIZIA Aftercare Munich is to close the gap between medical help, and the care for children within the family.

Andreas Menke, steward of PATRIZIA Aftercare Munich, with Facility Manager Anne Engels

“At the aftercare centre we support families with severely ill children right after birth.”

Andreas Menke, steward of PATRIZIA Aftercare München

The aftercare centre provides social therapy support for families regarding the nursing and the care of their children, and helps organising everyday family life. In line with the “Stiftung bunter Kreis” concept, teams of experienced therapists – pedagogues, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and nutrition specialists – work together on an interdisciplinary basis. They accompany the families both during therapy in the PATRIZIA facility as well as at home in the family environment.

One focus of the aftercare centre is the holistic support of premature babies and their families: nursing, medical and social legal assistance. PATRIZIA Aftercare Munich also offers various group therapies with a high level of medical competence and human care.

The current pandemic has an impact on our facilities worldwide. As an immediate measure, we have established the CORONA FUND EDUCATION HEALTHCARE in the amount of €100,000 from our reserves. We use 100 per cent of this amount as immediate aid in our Children Centers. However, since there is a lack of help in all facilities worldwide and the need is constantly growing due to the Corona measures, we also offer you the opportunity to support us in continuing to provide access to education. Find out more!

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Emma’s tale of happiness

A handful of life: Emma weighed only 660 grams when she was born prematurely in the clinic in 2016. The joy over the newborn girl was paired with fears and worries – this is Emma’s story:

Little Emma spent the first three months of her life in the Third Order Hospital in Munich. The premature baby had to be fed intravenously and had to undergo several operations. In this difficult time immediately following the birth, Emma’s family was accompanied and supported by a team of PATRIZIA Aftercare Munich.

The comfort and support they were given paid off: today Emma is a happy girl and can lead a normal life. Every six months, Emma and her family return to the aftercare centre for occupational therapy. The family is doing well and the happy moments with Emma outweigh everything else.