“This is a place of security and healing for children, who have been abused or neglected.”

Janine Egger, sponsor of the PATRIZIA Child Care Grabouw

PATRIZIA Child Care Grabouw, South Africa

The PATRIZIA facility for children between the ages of two and 16 located in the South African Grabouw has existed since 2013. The PATRIZIA Child Care Grabouw aids neglected children, some of whom have suffered abuse, and provides a place of security and healing. 

In close cooperation with the local youth welfare office, children are placed in the loving care of the “House Mums”, the child workers who look after them, for up to two years. At the same time a professional social worker takes care of the family therapy. The facility itself was set up on a six-hectare former farm called “Village of Hope”.

Janine Egger, sponsor of PATRIZIA Child Care Grabouw, South Africa
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Beredine’s tale of happiness

Beredine came to the Child and Youth Care Center (CYCC) in Grabouw, South Africa with her siblings Brendon and Ezet in 2017. The children were severely neglected because their parents work as seasonal workers on a farm. Beredine was the oldest child and as such had to take care of both the household and the youngest sibling, Ezet. It comes as no surprise that school and studying were not her priorities.

In the PATRIZIA Child Care Grabouw the lively Beredine quickly settled in. She enjoys being just a child here, and is happy to go to school again, where she is now one of the best in her class. She has even received several school awards. Just like at home, Beredine is also the eldest child in the PATRIZIA facility and is a role model for the younger ones.

Her parents are now cooperating with the social workers. They would like to have their children back with them as soon as possible. In order to support her further development and not to jeopardize her great success at school, the parents have decided to relocate to Grabouw. In 2019, the children could be returned into their parents’ care.