PATRIZIA Child Care Mymensingh

30 million children in Bangladesh live in poverty and have hardly any access to education. In Mymensingh, 115 kilometres north of the capital Dhaka, children and families also live in extremely difficult conditions: While the mothers work, young children are left to themselves 

Together with its local partner MATI Bangladesh, the PATRIZIA Foundation is implementing an innovative project with PATRIZIA Child Care Mymensingh, which offers 80 children between the ages of 1 and 6 not only care but also high-quality early childhood education – and thus shows the families a path to a better life.

„PATRIZIA Child Care Mymensingh creates the conditions for families to find their own way out of extreme poverty.”

Constanze Egger
Vice Chairwoman of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Impact investment as an innovative concept

A new building is being constructed in Mymensingh that can be used in a variety of ways. The day care centre has space for 80 children in four group rooms on two floors. Once completed, the building will also offer space for four rental flats, a health centre, a pharmacy and a shop where the children’s mothers can sell their own products. The special thing about this concept is that the rental income finances a considerable part of the day care centre’s operating costs.

This forward-looking idea of impact investment ensures long-term operation and allows the operator to plan independently of external donors.

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Compensating developmental deficits

Children who grow up under difficult conditions such as war, crises or extreme poverty often suffer from trauma or developmental deficits that lead to learning difficulties, among other things.

The ‘Essence of Learning’ (EoL) concept, which is also used in the ‘Ready for the Future’ project, takes such deficits into account and promotes the children’s development in a playful way. This also gives children from extremely poor families the chance to learn independently and without problems at school.

With MATI Bangladesh, the PATRIZIA Foundation has gained an experienced local partner that has not only been successfully implementing the EoL concept in several facilities for years, but also has a local network.

The organisation has been providing aid to the poor population in Bangladesh for 25 years and is committed to school and vocational training, healthcare and organic farming.

Start of construction only with secured financing

MATI Bangladesh is financing a large part of the construction costs. However, the start of construction has not yet been secured. For its part of the investment, the PATRIZIA Foundation needs donations from partners who want to support the new way of impact investment and thus commit themselves to education and better living conditions in Bangladesh. This can be done in a variety of ways. It is just as possible to finance the entire project as part of a CSR partnership as it is to invest in individual areas. An investment in the green roof enables the children to grow vegetables and learn about sustainable behaviour.

To ensure that the children receive a hot meal every day, the costs for one of the centre’s two kitchens can be covered. It is also possible to finance a group room, a seminar room or one of the rented flats in the building.

Our project partners:

Mati Bangladesh Self Definied Rural Developement