“His visit to the Peramiho Children’s Hospital in 1999 touched Wolfgang Egger so deeply that he founded the PATRIZIA Children Foundation.”

Mike Tyler, steward of the  Children Hospital Peramiho

PATRIZIA Children Hospital Peramiho, Tanzania

The Children Hospital Peramiho is the first project of the PATRZIA Children Foundation: Together with the local Benedictine order, the foundation opened a children’s hospital in Peramiho, in southwestern Tanzania, in 2002. 

The Children Hospital Peramiho is directly adjacent to the mission hospital of the partner organisation, the Missionary Benedictine St. Ottilien. Children with serious or infectious diseases such as leprosy, tuberculosis and malaria as well as children with severe burns or malnutrition are treated in the children’s ward. In addition, pregnant women from the 3rd month of pregnancy onwards are examined and advised free of charge at the PATRIZIA Children Hospital Peramiho.

Mike Tyler, stewart of PATRIZIA Children Hospital Peramiho, Tanzania
Renovation and conversion after 14 years of operation 

Originally, the children’s hospital was planned as an isolation ward to help mainly children with pneumonia and tuberculosis. However, the past few years have shown that the ward had to be made more flexible. The PATRIZIA Children Foundation therefore renovated the hospital in 2016 in cooperation with architecture students from the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, adapting the spatial concept to the changed needs and at the same time creating additional living space.

The architects were not only responsible for the planning, but also for the implementation on site – under typical African conditions. The hospital reopened in February 2017.

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Our Project-Partner:

Hilda’s Happiness Story

A joy shared is a joy doubled. This is also the case with Hilda: She wrote a letter to the PATRIZIA Children Foundation. 

Hilda just celebrated her eleventh birthday. But she was even happier about the birthday of her brother Christian. Christian was born in Peramiho prematurely during the seventh month, weighing only 1,200 grams. Thanks to the outstanding care of premature babies in the PATRIZIA Children Hospital, Christian is doing very well today.

Hilda writes in her letter: “I would like to thank the foundation for the construction of the children’s hospital, where the life of my little brother could be saved”. Hilda herself has already been treated once in the children’s hospital. She goes to fifth grade, learns diligently and would like to become a paediatrician herself one day.