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PATRIZIA School Muniguda

In the midst of the rural and sparsely populated region of Odisha, one of India’s poorest states, a pioneering education project is being launched as we speak. Living conditions in the area are characterized by tribal structures, tradition and superstition.

This negatively affects young girls in particular, who are often married off as teenagers. Without access to quality education, they are often unable to read and write, which is why they have no job prospects and thus no alternative to child marriage.

„For young girls in particular, access to education offers new perspectives. We are therefore committed to creating the basis for a professional life through quality education and thus protecting them from child marriages.” 


Astrid Gabler
Managing Director der PATRIZIA Foundation

High-quality education even in remote regions

The project aims to make quality education accessible to poor and disadvantaged children and youth of the 25 villages in the region. Special attention is paid to the education of tribal children, for whom an appropriate learning environment is to be created. This will help increase the region’s literacy rate and reduce the number of school dropouts.

Young girls also receive quality education, which forms the basis for later working life and thus an alternative to early married life. With this approach, the school goes beyond the basic need for education and, as a model school, can positively influence other institutions in the area.

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Our goal:

Empower underprivileged youth to break free from poverty and
early marriages through education

Our strong local partner: Don Bosco Muniguda

PATRIZIA School Muniguda is a strong partnership between Don Bosco Province of St. Joseph Hyderabad, Youth One World and PATRIZIA Foundation. The Don Bosco community places special emphasis on holistic education to empower students with courage and confidence to face life’s challenges.

Through this project, we promote quality education and childcare in a safe, respectful, environmentally friendly and inclusive environment that creates a foundation for lifelong learning. Through the education and livelihood programs, we enable children and their families to break the poverty spiral.

Our promise:

100% of your donation goes directly to the project in India.

A role model for the whole region

We go further. Our goal is to create long-term perspectives and give children the chance to lead a self-determined life beyond traditional structures by providing them with education and opportunities for personal development. To realise this goal, PATRIZIA School in Muniguda is being expanded with 10 new classrooms and biology, chemistry, physics rooms and a library. In addition, in our READY FOR THE FUTURE programme, the computer lab will be re-equipped and accompanying workshops will be implemented to lay the foundations for digital learning. With this expansion, we aim to increase the school’s capacity from the current 625 to about 1,000 students. At the same time, the school’s infrastructure will be made environmentally friendly and an awareness for the protection of the environment will be promoted. A modern infrastructure and a supportive learning environment will help the students to achieve their educational goals and thus lead a self-determined life outside the traditional structures.