“When we enable 800 children to attend school, the voluntary work of the foundation fills me with particular pride.”
Andreas Menke, Steward of the PATRIZIA School Yaoundé

PATRIZIA School Yaoundé, Cameroon

The PATRIZIA Children Foundation built the PATRIZIA School Yaoundé in 2016 together with the Pallottines as their partner organisation in Yaoundé. The city is the capital of the Central African country of Cameroon and with around 2.5 million inhabitants the largest city in the country. The secondary school with 21 classrooms is directly connected to a kindergarten, a primary school and the parish of the Pallottines.

Every year, the school enables 800 children in Yaoundé to continue their schooling after primary school. This does not at all go without saying in Cameroon: Merely less than half of all primary school graduates in the Central African country have access to a secondary school.

The PATRIZIA School Yaoundé’s funding partner is the tax consultant “Sonntag & Partner”.

Andreas Menke, steward of PATRIZIA School Yaoundé, Cameroon

The current pandemic has an impact on our facilities worldwide. As an immediate measure, we have established the CORONA FUND EDUCATION HEALTHCARE in the amount of €100,000 from our reserves. We use 100 per cent of this amount as immediate aid in our Children Centers. However, since there is a lack of help in all facilities worldwide and the need is constantly growing due to the Corona measures, we also offer you the opportunity to support us in continuing to provide access to education. Find out more!

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Yva´s Happiness Story

Iva is one of 800 children that attend the school in Yaoundé. The lively girl is particularly fond of mathematics. At the PATRIZIA School Yaoundé she can pursue her mathematical talents.

6 x 8 = ? Sure, that makes 48. Yva only needs to take a quick look at the numbers when multiplying. She already has the solution. Her joy with numbers also infects her classmates. They also come to her for help and have voted Yva for class representative. So there seems to be a bright future ahead for her as an accountant or banker.