“The children oftentimes need 45 minutes to go to school, but they are looking forward to it.”

Peter Helfrich, sponsor of the PATRIZIA School Dhoksan

PATRIZIA Secondary School Dhoksan, Nepal

Thanks to the PATRIZIA Children Foundation, a secondary school with grades 6-8, a library and a reading room were built in 2019 right next to the primary school in Dhoksan, Nepal, which was built in 2012. 

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, almost every second adult in the South Asian country is illiterate. By building schools, the PATRIZIA Children Foundation is specifically committed to ensuring that children and adolescents have a school education and a better future. The PATRIZIA Secondary School Dhoksan is one of these educational institutions. The secondary school accommodates classes 6-8 and consists of four buildings. It ensures that the children can expand their acquired knowledge after primary school.

Seismically safe construction material with a high symbolic value

During the severe earthquake in 2015, around 4,000 schools were destroyed throughout the country. The materials used to build the secondary school are partly donations from houses destroyed by the earthquake and thus have become a symbol for reconstruction. Under the direction of Till Gröner (Supertecture), a group of architecture students from Augsburg University of Applied Sciences planned and implemented their plans for the new buildings according to the latest state of research. The focus is on earthquake-proof construction using local construction methods.

Each classroom is an individually constructed building made of various local, traditional natural building methods such as rammed clay, bamboo, bricks and natural stone. The buildings offer the children an individual, creativity-enhancing architectural style as well as an excellent view of the breathtaking Himalayan panorama. As local partners the school committee Shila Devi School Board, an association of parents of the students, takes care of the school management on site in addition to the school director Manbhadur.

Our Project-Partner:

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Mingma’s Happiness Story

Long journeys may be tedious, but they are usually worth it. Like Mingma’s daily trip to school in Dhoksan’s secondary school.

The 11-year-old Mingma attended the PATRIZIA Primary School for five years. Although it is the closest school for her, the girl has a 45-minute daily trip to school. But she still enjoys it because she is looking forward to school. And because she can walk it together with her little brother.

With the new construction of the PATRIZIA Secondary School, her education does not end after primary school. Mingma can go to secondary school and continue to run to school together with her brother. She is particularly looking forward to the new classrooms.