PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center

The PATRIZIA Foundation Training Center Alego, Kenya, opened in 2018 and offers disadvantaged children and adolescents a wide range of educational opportunities. This place has a special meaning for the Obama family. 

Alego Nyang’oma in Siaya County is located in western Kenya near the port city of Kisumu on Lake Victoria. The father of Barack Obama and Dr. Auma Obama comes from the region. Dr. Obama’s Sauti Kuu Foundation now runs the facility, parts of which the PATRIZIA Foundation has established. Its aim is to motivate, educate and support children and adolescents between the ages of four and 25 so that they can graduate from school and improve their career prospects.

“As a guest at the opening ceremony, Barack Obama impressively demonstrated the importance of the facility for the entire region.”

Alexander Busl
former Managing Director

Younger children develop their personality here

Here, children receive help with personality development, with the emphasis on promoting self-realisation and personal responsibility. The children are given access to books and learning materials, receive training in personality development, and reliable structures so that they can confidently take their own independent path.

At the PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center Alego, young people receive support in practical vocational training in craft trades, access to computers and sports facilities. They learn everything about sustainable agriculture in their own vegetable garden.

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Tales of happiness from Alego

A new home

Joseph lost his mother to illness when he was only twelve years old. Although this tragedy hit him hard, he still performed well in school. Only four years later, he had just turned 16, his father died in a road accident. Joseph’s support system fell apart, as did his life.

Today Joseph is 18 years old and lives at Sauti Kuu. Here, he found a new home and the support he needs to get his life back together. He is currently studying to become an accountant and, although he still struggles in school, is very eager to reach his goal.