500 participants at the second #patriziarun

Jan. 2022

The Remote Run for Rwanda Reloaded ended successfully in mid-January with over 500 participants. The entry fees and additional donations resulted in 6,430 euros, which will go to the PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center Ntarama to support the development of infrastructure for digital learning. About half of the runners of the #patriziarun were students from this school in Rwanda – they could participate as well thanks to running sponsorships.

“Everyone runs for themselves, but all together we are running for a good cause” – many were inspired by this idea. The charity run was organised for the second time as a volunteering event by Christina Lutz, a passionate runner and PATRIZIA employee. Like last year around Christmas time, she was again able to motivate numerous colleagues and friends to run along for the good cause.

6,430 euros in income from entry fees, running sponsorships and donations

502 participants had registered to run a five-kilometre route of their choice between 20 December and 16 January. Everyone tracked their own time, but the goal was not to be the fastest, but to motivate as many people as possible to take part and thus support the vocational school in Rwanda with their entry fee, assumption of running sponsorships and optional donations.

Thanks to the running sponsorships, the students from Rwanda were also able to run. In total, the Remote Run Reloaded raised 6,430 euros, which will benefit the Digital Classroom project in Rwanda.



Raffle of prizes

In the end, there was still something to win: the foundation raffled six prizes among all participants. The main prize, a sensory running coaching, was donated by Bernhard Westermeier, just like last year. In this coaching, you learn to experience running in a new way and to trust your own abilities. The second prize was a pack of PATRIZIA Foundation Roast, an exclusive coffee roast donated by MAK Coffee in Augsburg. The third prize was HOPE, the foundation mascot as a large cuddly toy, and the other prizes were each a small HOPE cuddly toy. Christina Lutz was again the lady luck and the winners were notified by e-mail.


Lady Luck Christina draws the winners of the raffle

Digital Classroom for the PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center Ntarama in Rwanda

Die Einnahmen aus dem #patriziarun fließen in das Digitalisierungsprojekt am PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center Ntarama in Ruanda. The students there have already built a computer lab themselves, which was financed by the PATRIZIA Foundation’s coronavirus relief fund. The next step is to equip this ICT Lab with furniture and digital devices. In addition, the defective solar system has to be repaired in order to guarantee the power supply. Moreover, the students should be able to receive a training opportunity to become solar system technicians so that they can repair and maintain such systems themselves. Both the proceeds of the first #patriziaruns and the proceeds of the “Remote Run for Rwanda Reloaded” will be used for this project.