The PATRIZIA Children Foundations Spring Brunch 2019

Mar. 2019

The spring brunch in Hamburg kicked off a series of sponsorship events on March 20, 2019. In addition to representatives of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation, Karim Bohn, Chief Financial Officer of PATRIZIA Immobilien AG, and other representatives of PATRIZIA also attended the top-class event. The focus was on the video message from the founder of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation, Wolfgang Egger, on the foundation’s 20th anniversary.
Alexander Busl at PATRIZIA Spring Brunch 2019
Alexander Busl, Managing Director of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation provided the guests from the Sponsor Circle with up-to-date information on the Foundation’s ongoing projects. Our sponsor Norton Rose Fulbright reported on the value of his membership in the Sponsor Circle of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation for his own company and impressively illustrated the concrete support for the PATRIZIA Children Center in Zimbabwe.

This event starts a series of activities related to the 20th anniversary of the PATRIZIA Children Foundation. This includes further events and campaigns that are intended to make the idea and the basic idea of the foundation – to give as many children as possible access to education – a wider audience. Follow the further reporting!