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Nov. 2021

Children are our future. The Swahili word for children is WATOTO, thus the title of this latest issue of our foundation magazine. Our work at the foundation focuses on supporting children who were not born with the fortune of growing up in a developed country – with all the educational opportunities that offers.

For the first time since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to travel to our projects again this year: One led to Tanzania, where a new school was built. The local language is Swahili, and it was in this country that the Foundation got its start. Kristian Bollmann from Project Management reports in the magazine about his trip, during which he visited four projects.

There are further exciting reports on the Digital Classroom project, which we are implementing in three pilot countries. Beatrice Rutishauser Ramm travelled to Cameroon in the summer to prepare teachers and school management of the PATRIZIA School Yaoundé for digital learning. In Nepal, an architectural competition for the “Future Classroom” took place.

Digital technology is always an opportunity to foster change – and change needs role models, as you can read in the expert interview with sustainability pioneer Fritz Lietsch.

Our partners, sponsors and PATRIZIA employees – everyone helps make a success of our projects. There are many ways to support PATRIZIA KinderHaus projects, whether as a CSR partner, which now includes a patronage option, or through volunteering, which more and more people are becoming involved in, reflecting their strong level of commitment to the foundation.

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