Education as a way out of poverty

The educational situation of poor families in Bangladesh is often devastating. Fathers are often absent, the mothers have to work to support the family. Many young children are then left to fend for themselves or are supervised by older siblings – which in turn severely impairs their chances of education.

This is why the PATRIZIA Foundation is building a Child Care Centre in Mymensingh, about 120 km north of the national capital Dhaka, which will provide quality education for 80 children from extremely poor families according to the educational concept “Essence of Learning”. While the children are well and safely looked after, the mothers can pursue their gainful employment with peace of mind.

Bildung für Kinder
Bildung für Kinder

500 €

finance part of the green roof of the building – so the children can grow vegetables and learn to act in a sustainable way.

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1.400 €

give the children the gift of hot meals by contributing to the costs for the construction of facility’s two kitchens.

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CSR partnership

Contribute to the construction costs of PATRIZIA Child Care Mymensingh. This way, the project becomes part of your CSR strategy.

Your advantages

Towards your customers: As a sustainable company, you strengthen your reputation and customer loyalty and gain new customers.

For your employees: Strengthen your employee loyalty, your employer branding and establish a social corporate culture.

For your promotion: Strengthen your reputation in the public sphere, with banks and investors.

Our promise

Longevity: Together with our local partners, we as a foundation commit to supporting each project for at least 25 years.

Professionalism: We promise to make the best possible use of every euro and to turn it into a second, third and fourth.

Transparency: you maintain a complete overview of your project, from the initial planning phase to actual implementation

Building the future together

In 1999, Wolfgang Egger founded the PATRIZIA Foundation with the aim of helping children worldwide find their way to a self-determined life. “True to the motto ‘Building the future together’, we are committed to this worldwide,
Helping children and young people lead better lives through education.”

In 1999, the PATRIZIA Foundation was established under the name PATRIZIA KinderHaus Stiftung. After more than 20 years and 20 PATRIZIA Kinderhaus Facilities later, the Foundation’s work is bearing fruit all over the world – in line with the Foundation’s motto “Building better futures”.

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Donation Account

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PATRIZIA Child Care Mymensingh

30 million children in Bangladesh live in poverty and have hardly any access to education. In Mymensingh, 115 kilometres north of the capital Dhaka, children and families also live in extremely difficult conditions: While mothers work, young children are left to fend for themselves.

Together with its local partner MATI Bangladesh, the PATRIZIA Foundation is implementing an innovative project with PATRIZIA Child Care Mymensingh, which offers 80 children between the ages of 1.5 and 6 not only care but also high-quality early childhood education – and thus shows the families a path to a better life.

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500 €

finance a part of the building’s roof greening – so the children can grow vegetables and learn about sustainable action.

1.400 €

guarantee hot meals for the children by contributing to the costs of the facility’s two kitchens.

3.000 €

help to finance a room in the child care centre and make it possible to care for about 20 children.

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