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258 million children with no chance of receiving an education


The pandemic has exacerbated the educational disadvantage of many children and young people. Children often fall behind in developmental terms and have learning difficulties during a crisis. The situation is overwhelming for children and teachers. It’s time to help!

Given this situation, the PATRIZIA Foundation has launched a Digitalisation Initiative to promote teaching based on IT systems. Infrastructures are currently being established at PATRIZIA School Dhoksan and PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center Ntarama in Rwanda to enable young people to learn whenever they need to using innovative methods. Accordingly, the schools will be equipped with computers based on the Raspberry Pi, laptops, projectors, proper internet access and power supplies. Your donations will also help fund training and workshops for teaching staff at educational institutions operated by PATRIZIA.

Give a gift of education for Christmas!


With €4.800

your company can sponsor urgently needed laptops for 10 trainees at PATRIZIA Vocational Training Ntarama in Rwanda.

With €1.200

your company would allow us to organise an interactive multi-day workshop for all students, teachers and parents at the PATRIZIA school in Nepal – helping everyone make preparations for digital learning.


Become a CSR partner of the PATRIZIA Foundation and assume patronage of a digital classroom at a KinderHaus facility operated by the PATRIZIA Foundation.

The benefits to your company

  • Customers: as an organisation providing sustainable support, you enhance your reputation and customer loyalty, potentially also attracting new customers.
  • Employees: strengthen employee loyalty, enhance employer branding and establish a corporate culture of social reponsibility.
  • Image: bolster your reputation among members of the public, banks and investors.

Our promise to you

  • Long-term commitment: as a foundation, we and our local partners always commit to engage in projects for at least 25 years.
  • Professional support: we promise to make the very best use of every euro so that it translates into two, three and four euros.
  • Transparenz: you maintain a complete overview of your project, from the initial planning phase to actual implementation.

Every euro creates impact

PATRIZIA School Sondoveni was built in the middle of the Peruvian rainforest, offering a secondary school education to just under 40 children from the nearby village of Sondoveni. “We joined forces with the PATRIZIA Foundation in March 2020 to build an extension to the school in the Peruvian rainforest. Our role at APOprojekt was to provide the entire funding and take care of planning and delivering the project. A number of our employees have already travelled to Peru to help with construction,” says Hendrik von Paepcke, managing director of APOprojekt. The PATRIZIA Foundation covers all administration costs to ensure every euro goes towards the project.

Building the future together

In 1999, Wolfgang Egger founded the PATRIZIA Foundation with the aim of helping children worldwide to embark on a journey of lifelong self-determination:
“True to our motto of ‘building a future together’, we’re committed to helping children and young people around the world lead better lives through education.”

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Acting alongside the PATRIZIA Foundation as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) partner, you can assume social responsibility for education projects and demonstrably support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – particularly its education goals (SDG4). This is because our projects focus on creating education infrastructures in order to build long-term, self-reliant communities. We will help you identify a CSR project that best matches your company. You will also enjoy the full benefit of comprehensive CSR communication.