Bangladesh needs your support

At the beginning of the week, news came from Bangladesh that in Mymensingh, where we are building the PATRIZIA Child Care Mymensingh together with our partner MATI, there has been such a devastating rainfall that the town and surrounding villages are completely under water. Within 24 hours, between 240 and 380 mm of rain fell, and tens of thousands of people had to leave their homes and seek safety.

Kind mit Sonnenbrille in Songea

In the MATI training centre, the water is knee-high on the ground floor. Thousands of hectares of land are under water – and with it the basis of life for many families MATI supports. Crops have been spoiled, fish ponds destroyed, food stored at home no longer edible. Mymensingh is located directly on the Brahmaputra, which was already overflowing due to the monsoon and can no longer absorb additional water. Therefore, it is uncertain when the water will run off, as there were also massive rains in the south of the country.

“MATI is doing all it can to help those affected by the floods in Bangladesh, and we stand firmly by the side of our partner.”


Astrid Gabler
Managing Director
PATRIZIA Foundation

More problems after the flood

MATI’s outpatient team is also preparing: The number of patients is increasing because the floods bring infectious diseases like diarrhoea and feverish infections.

With 50 €, MATI can provide at least 10 patients with needed medication.

But the real problems start after the flood; when the water runs off and the full extent of the destruction becomes visible. Now the fields have to be recultivated as quickly as possible, otherwise there is a threat of famine. MATI will provide the start-up capital for this. We need about 150 € per family.

Please support the affected families in one of the poorest regions in the world with your generous donation. Our promise:

100 per cent of every euro will go directly to Mimensingh.

What your donation can do:

30 Euro

A weekly package of food for a whole family

50 Euro

Medication required for at least ten. 10 patients

150 Euro

Start-up capital to recultivate the fields of an entire family

Contact person for donations: Sandra von Waldenfels

Do you have questions or want to offer even more support?

Sandra von Waldenfels looks forward to hearing from you!

Sandra von Waldenfels
Donor Relations & Services
Business Development
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