#patriziaride for Digital Classroom

Apr. 2021

Under the motto “Cycle to Nepal”, the PATRIZIA Foundation is organizing a charity cycling event. Everyone can join in and cycle as many kilometres as possible in June 2021 – and thus support a school in Nepal to build infrastructures there for digital learning.

“Cycle to Nepal” is a volunteering campaign by two PATRIZIA employees. Jan Kuhn from the Frankfurt office was inspired by the #patriziarun to organize his own event that specifically appeals to cycling enthusiasts. For him, cycling is the perfect balance to his office job – and to home-office. That’s why he also covered a lot of kilometres in the saddle last year, including reaching a long-planned goal and “commuting” home from the Squaire in Frankfurt – albeit on a holiday, as he was on the road for a total of just under nine hours for the 172.5 km and 2,300 metres of altitude.

In Jaroslaw Szal, a colleague from the Luxembourg site, he found an equally enthusiastic cyclist to support him in organizing the charity event. Jaroslaw, too, loves cycling more than anything, whether it’s long-distance rides through Scandinavia, racing along the Moselle River or riding his indoor trainer in the winter. He is especially happy to support this project in Nepal, as he explored the country and the people himself on foot in 2018.

Jan Kuhn
Jaroslaw Szal

Once to Dhoksan and back for a good cause

The two PATRIZIAns are happy not only to be able to support an educational project of the PATRIZIA Foundation with the volunteering activity, but at the same time to get to know other like-minded people and to exchange ideas.

The charity campaign is open to everyone: anyone can join in and every kilometre counts! The goal is to cycle as many kilometres as possible during the campaign period (June). At least once from Augsburg to Dhoksan (Nepal) and back again, that is a total of around 17,500 kilometres, is what all the participants are expected to achieve together.

8 steps to reach the goal:

  1. Register on the Race Result portal from May 3 until June 30, 2021 at the latest.
  2. Print out your start number, which you will receive in the registration confirmation email.
  3. Share your activity in your network! #patriziaride #patriziaride
  4. Find any cycling routes in your area and track all the kilometres ridden in June.
  5. Take photos of yourself with your starting number: before, during or after cycling
  6. Upload the photos on the Race Result portal (together with the kilometres, see point 7.) and post them on social media with the hashtag #patriziaride
  7. Enter your mileage on Race Results, either individually each day or collectively at the end of the month.
  8. At the end of the campaign you will receive an email with your individual certificate to print out.

Support the PATRIZIA School Dhoksan in Nepal

With the entry fee of 10 euros, which can optionally be increased by a donation, participants support a digitalization initiative of the PATRIZIA Foundation: In the PATRIZIA School Dhoksan in Nepal, a “Digital Classroom” is to be created so that access to education is possible again even in times of crisis despite school closures. The school in the Nepalese mountain village is to become a lighthouse project of the digital classroom concept, which the foundation is currently implementing in three pilot countries.

Supporter of the event “Cycle to Nepal”

Thanks to the financial support of White & Case, all fixed costs of the event-organisation are covered. As a result, 100% of the entry fees and donations go into the project “Digital Classroom”.
Dhoksan Nepal Lehmhaus

#patriziaride – the hashtag to share!

The success of the project depends on as many people as possible spreading the word about the charity campaign and, for example, sharing their participation in their own networks to motivate others to also cycle – or to donate. This is also a good way for non-cyclists to support the project in Nepal. Whether before the action or after: Every post with the hashtag #patriziaride helps to make the project better known and thus also helps the school in Nepal.

More information is available in our flyer. Questions, requests or suggestions can be sent to the e-mail address cycling@patrizia.ag.