Hearts4Change: Education that comes from the heart

Since 1999, the PATRIZIA Foundation has reached over 700,000 children in 12 countries across 4 continents. With Hearts4Change, we have launched an exceptional campaign that could allow us to open access to education, healthcare, and welfare for a total of one million children by 2030. Support us in realizing this ambitious vision for a better future. 

Through your support of Hearts4Change, you become a true “person of the heart” for us. Regardless of the amount, your donation symbolizes your commitment to the future of children and our special initiative. We promise: Every donated Euro, Pound or Dollar goes directly to our heartfelt project.

A girl and a boy laugh into the camera

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Our heart project in India

The donations from the Hearts4Change campaign go 100% to our new flagship project in Odisha, India – our PATRIZIA School in Muniguda. In the region, every fourth person cannot read or write. To increase the literacy rate, the school is set to be expanded with additional floors, comprising 10 new classrooms, two science labs, a library, and a computer room. This expansion will nearly double the number of students.

Together with training for the teaching staff, we enable qualitative education in the 25 villages of the region. The model school is the first on-site school with a holistic concept that goes beyond basic education. With its expansion, the upper school will be introduced, and digitized teaching will be offered, creating new perspectives beyond the traditional structures of the region and facilitating easier entry into the job market.

This holistic education, especially for girls, provides an alternative to early marriage and child marriages. Adolescents no longer need to drop out of school to financially support themselves and their families.

Mädchen schreibt an die Schultafel
Mädchen aus Indien schaut in die Kamera
Mädchen steht lächelnd vor Schultafel

Ambassadors of Hearts4Change

Portrait Eva Weber

Eva Weber

Mayor of Augsburg

“Education is, for me, the key to a successful life. And that goes for everyone: Because education is a lifelong process that doesn’t end with graduation but continues into old age.”

Portrait Mario Götze

Mario Götze

Soccer player

“For me, education is a way to make the world a fairer place. I was taught this principle from an early age. A good education opens up opportunities to shape one’s own life. With better access to education, we move closer to the goal of providing equal opportunities for everyone.”

Support our heart project!

Show with Hearts4Change that your “heart is in the right place.” Help us bring about positive change for those who need it most through education. Donate now, one euro or more – every euro counts and supports our heartfelt project in Muniguda. Your donation goes 100% to our heartfelt project! 

How you can support us:

1. Donations for disadvantaged young people in India – every euro counts!

2. Share the action on social media with the hashtag #hearts4change, just like our testimonials and ambassadors.

3. Share vision of education for a better life in private network.

Download our flyer now.

We firmly believe that education is the key to a better future. With your support, almost 500 additional children can be admitted to school and receive quality education. Let’s work together to sustainably improve the lives of these children and give them a promising future. As an extra step, you can also explore our ideas for your own campaign in support of the children.

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Our supporters

Halil Altintop<br />

Halil Altintop

Sportive Director U16 FC Bayern München

For me, education means learning learning learning learning.”

Cornelia Böhm Portrait

Cornelia Böhm

City marketing

“For me, education is freedom. Whenever I learn, ask, listen, the world of possibilities expands for me – practically, theoretically and emotionally.”

Andre Bücker

André Bücker

Director of the Staatstheater Augsburg

“Education is important for democracy, education is culture, culture needs education, education needs culture.”

Myriam Diko

Myriam Diko


Education empowers people to improve their political, social, cultural, economic and community situation.

Shereen Diko

Shereen Diko

Master student

Education has played an important role in our lives, as it enables us to actively participate in society and engage in political processes.

Konrad Finkenzeller

Konrad Finkenzeller

Board Member PATRIZIA Foundation

For me, education means a better future for children and communities worldwide.”

Portrait Dr. Mohamad Homaynn Frank

Dr. Mohamad Homaynn Frank


“For me, education is freedom. Because only with education do people have the opportunity to take the key to their own lives and create their future.

Wolfgang Fratz

Wolfgang Fratz


“For me, education is an important part of our society and plays a crucial role in personal and professional development. A good education enables us to develop our skills and talents, expand our knowledge and prepare ourselves for life’s challenges.”

Ramona Meinzer

Ramona Meinzer

Aumüller Automatic

“Education is important to me because education can make a difference. No matter what background you have, with education we are all equal.

Christian Ort

Christian Ort


“Education begins with curiosity. And curiosity is also the most important virtue in journalism, for example. In the end, education is the most powerful way to change the world and make it a better place, even at the smallest level. Therefore: Always stay curious! And encourage the next generation to do the same.”

Beatrix Paar

Beatrix Paar


For me, education means better opportunities in life to shape the future more effectively.”

Unterstützerin des Projekts

Sandra Peetz-Rauch

Chairwoman of the Board of Stadtsparkasse Augsburg

For me, education means personal and professional growth that allows us to expand our horizons and discover new perspectives. Education is very important because it is the basis for innovation and progress in our society. It empowers people to make informed decisions. And it is the basis and foundation that strengthens cohesion and understanding in our community.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Gordon Rohrmaier

Prof. Dr. Dr. Gordon Rohrmair

President, Technical University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

“Education is more than just learning to count, write and read. Education is the fundamental to understand the world, but also the ability to navigate in it. Education is more than just knowledge; it is also about developing problem-solving skills, encouraging critical thinking and, of course, building self-confidence. Why are these things so important? Because they are the essential elements that enable us humans to turn our future dreams and career desires into reality. That is why education must be easily accessible for everyone. Education ultimately serves to establish social justice.”

Bianca Uhl

Bianca Uhl

Market woman Augsburg city market

For me, education means gaining a strong sense of self-worth and broadening your horizons.

Portrait Eva Weber mit einem herzförmigen orangefarbigen Luftballon

Katharina Ulbrich

Cleaning professional

“As a woman, education for girls is especially close to my heart! That is why I am happy to participate in the Hearts4Change campaign.”

Prof.Dr med Stephan Vogt

Prof.Dr med Stephan Vogt

Medical Director Hessing Fachkliniken

Education creates social advancement for everyone.”

For questions, suggestions, and further information, feel free to contact us at hearts4change@patrizia.foundation.