Mario Götze supports Augsburg’s education campaign

Mar. 2024

Numerous Augsburg residents are committed to better educational opportunities
PATRIZIA Foundation launches an education initiative to mark its 25th anniversary

Education ambassador Mario Götze stated at the launch of the campaign with the flagship project in Muniguda, eastern India: “Education, for me, is a pathway to making the world a fairer place. This principle has been instilled in me since I was young. A good education opens up opportunities to shape one’s own life. With better access to education, we move closer to the goal of providing equal chances for everyone,” a conviction through which Mario Götze emphasizes the significance of the campaign. The planned expansions include the construction of sanitary facilities, ten new classrooms, three science rooms, a library, and a computer room. Through these measures, the foundation aims to make education accessible to around 1,000 disadvantaged young people in the region, offering particularly girls an alternative to early marriage.

Mayor Eva Weber expands on the concept of education: “Education, for me, is the key to a successful life. And this applies to everyone: because education is a lifelong process that doesn’t end with graduation but continues into old age.”

In addition to Mayor Eva Weber and soccer player Mario Götze, other prominent personalities from Augsburg and representatives of public life have expressed their support for the initiative. André Bücke, the director of the Augsburg State Theater; Halil Altintop, former FCA player and youth coach at FC Bayern Munich; Gordon Rohrmeier, president of Augsburg University of Applied Sciences; Sandra Peetz-Rauch, board member of Stadtsparkasse Augsburg; Prof. Dr. Stephan Vogt, medical director of the Hessing Foundation; and entrepreneur Ramona Meinzer are passionately involved in the education initiative from Augsburg. Support is also shown by individuals from various professions, including Bianca Uhl, a market woman from Augsburg’s city market; Wolfgang Fratz, a lawyer at the Sonntag & Partner law firm; master’s student and Syrian refugee Shereen Diko; Augsburg journalist Christian Ort; or Katharina Ulbrich, a cleaning staff member at the Augsburg PATRIZIA office. With their participation, the supporters aim to highlight both the local and international interest in the educational initiatives of the ‘Hearts4Change’ campaign.

The PATRIZIA Foundation, through its posters in Augsburg, on social networks, and with flyers, calls for active participation in the campaign. The commitment to education is intended to have a broad impact through donations and sharing the campaign on social media using the hashtag #Hearts4Change.

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Background information on the PATRIZIA Foundation:

The PATRIZIA Foundation was founded in 1999 by Wolfgang Egger. The foundation’s goal is to provide access to high-quality education, healthcare, and care to as many children and young people worldwide as possible, thus helping them to lead a free and self-determined life. In the education projects, which are accompanied for at least 25 years, the foundation creates analog and digital educational infrastructures with its Children’s Houses where they are most needed. In the 25 years since its inception, the foundation has already opened 23 Children’s House projects on four continents worldwide. At the beginning of the 25th anniversary year in 2024, the PATRIZIA Foundation, together with the Augsburg law firm Sonntag & Partner, is launching a new Children’s House project in Benin. True to the motto “Building Better Futures,” the PATRIZIA Foundation always realizes the construction and long-term operation of schools, training centers, children’s hospitals, and residential accommodations in partnership with local partners to develop sustainable societal structures. The foundation guarantees that 100 percent of the donations collected go to the Children’s House projects and benefit disadvantaged children and young people.