Snacks & Drinks@PATRIZIA Foundation

Apr. 2024

We welcomed numerous friends, interested parties and sponsors to the first ‘Snacks & Drinks@PATRIZIA Foundation’ on 24 April 2024.

At the PATRIZIA SE premises in Augsburg, we were able to take a deep dive into our newly opened children’s home in Bangladesh. Our colleague Markus Minje was able to tell us first-hand and with fresh memories of his project trip to Bangladesh for the opening of the PATRIZIA Child Care Mymensingh.

In a world where it is not a matter of course that small children can play and learn in safety, but where the plight of single working mothers forces them to leave their little ones alone or to their older siblings, this project is a beacon in the community. This enables the older siblings to attend school and the mothers to earn a living for the family. The aim is to break the cycle of poverty and lack of education. Young children from the poorer sections of the highly segregated society and children from the middle class grow up together in our project in order to mix the local population. Markus’ report inspired and touched both our guests and the Foundation team. Together with our local partner MATI Bangladesh, we have created a pioneering and innovative project with the multi-purpose building, which is groundbreaking in international development cooperation. The rental of the upper floors finances the long-term operation of the care centre.

And of course there was no shortage of good conversation, networking and the enjoyment of culinary Bengali snacks from the region in a relaxed atmosphere. Be there next time too. Just send a short e-mail to and we will cordially invite you to another Snack&Drinks@PATRIZIA evening at the Foundation. We look forward to seeing you there!