PATRIZIA Child Care Augsburg

The PATRIZIA Child Care Augsburg was established in Augsburg in 2013 and serves as a bilingual day care centre. “Hallo and hello”: German and English are spoken here.

For the team of pedagogues at the PATRIZIA Child Care Augsburg, the equal treatment and the individual early childhood development of each child stands in the foreground.

The origin or social environment the child comes from is of no matter. Project partner of the PATRIZIA Foundation is the parental initiative Internationales Kinderhaus e.V.


“It is impressive how easy it is for children to speak several languages.”

Andreas Heibrock
steward of the PATRIZIA Child Care Augsburg

Bilingual care as part of the concept

Currently, 100 children aged between one and ten years are being prepared for their future lives in a playful and loving way during their most formative years. In accordance with the educational concept of PATRIZIA Child Care Augsburg, the children are looked after bilingually. They learn English as a foreign language in addition to their mother tongue starting from an early age. The demand for places in the day-care centre exceeds the availability by far every year.

Our Project-Partner:

Tales of Happiness from Augsbrug

Louisa’s tale of happiness

Louisa is one of 100 children at PATRIZIA Child Care in Augsburg. She can play with other children every day and playfully get to know the world. At the same time she learns English.  

Louisa is currently visiting the PATRIZIA day care center in Augsburg and has a lot of fun with the other children there. For her mother this is also the perfect accommodation for her daughter: “There are so many things in favour of this nursery: Fabulous staff, freshly prepared food every day by the in-house chef, a beautiful functional building and large green areas.

We gladly accept the further journey there as well.” Louisa obviously feels comfortable here. Contact with children of the same age is very important for the toddler. And after one year of parental leave, her mother was able to return to work.