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Traditional teaching, sitting in rows, is quite normal in Indian preschool and children are still disciplined with a cane to get them to sit still. A new approach to teaching in India is currently emerging in Govindpur. The Gossner Church is building a kindergarten with the support of the PATRIZIA Foundation based on the methods of progressive education, an approach that encourages children to learn by using creative techniques and play.

The Gossner Mission has been supporting the Gossner Church in India for many years and helps fight for the rights of the Adivasis – a group of indigenous people often sidelined by the Hindu caste system and marginalised by society, especially in rural areas.

“Building a kindergarten supports the mental, psychological, physical and social development of the children.”

Wolfram Nieradzik

Member the management board at the Funk Group

Progressive Education

In 2011, the Gossner Church succeeded in pulling together enough donations to open the first kindergarten based on progressive education. Located in Ranchi, it was named after Martha, the first Adivasi child to be baptised by the missionaries. The whole concept is new in India, because kindergartens are virtually non-existent in the country, although there are preschools, which are highly disciplined and don’t allow for playing. “The Martha Kindergarten lets children still be children. They’re given plenty of space and are allowed to learn by playing,” explains Christian Reiser, director of Gossner Mission.

The Martha Kindergarten is open to all children. It is also possible for families from disadvantaged backgrounds to send their children to school there, even if they can only pay low tuition fees. Despite this, the kindergarten in Ranchi is self-supporting because better-off families pay higher fees in keeping with their higher levels of household income. The aim of the Gossner Church is to set up a Martha Kindergarten in all five dioceses as far east as Assam. There is already a second school in Chaibasa. Building on the Martha Kindergarten in Govindpur started in February 2020.

Continuing construction despite Covid

After a few weeks, construction had to be interrupted due to the lockdown. However, a good two months later, on the first of June 2020, construction continued. Despite the difficult conditions due to the Corona pandemic, the construction work progressed according to plan. For example, at the end of July, the deep drilling for the construction of a well, which will ensure the water supply for the kindergarten, took place. Then the next Currently, the project managers of the PATRIZIA Foundation, the construction workers and the employees of the kindergarten hope that work will be able to continue as normal from October 2021. The lockdown in India has already been extended several times and currently all schools and kindergartens in the country are still closed. Translated with (free version)

Therefore, we are currently providing support primarily with funds from the Corona Fund Education Healthcare.

More than a Kindergarten

The Gossner Church would like the children to know that there is also a place for them at school after kindergarten. It runs a variety of schools in India, from primary schools to college level. It also has an education centre for deacons in Govindpur. The Gossner Church intends to extend the methods of progressive education used in the Martha Kindergarten to all of its educational establishments.

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