“You can now contribute to our latest project, a children´s home for girls in need in India.” 

Alexander Busl, Managing Director of PATRIZIA Children Foundation

PATRIZIA Child Care Porayar, India

One of our most recent projects is the construction of a building in Porayar, South India: PATRIZIA Child Care Porayar will be a newly built children’s home that houses more than 200 girls in need. Without exception, the girls come from poor and difficult family backgrounds. Many of them have only one parent or are orphans.

The home not only offers them a place to live – it also provides them with a school education and thus a chance for a self-determined, better future. In India girls are still strongly discriminated against: Especially poor families only allow their sons to attend school. 

The Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church has been running the children’s home since 1994. However, state requirements now make the construction of the new accommodation building necessary in order not to lose the operating permit. This is where we need your support.

Please help us with your donation to build the house in time, so that the girls in Porayar still have a home and a future! 

Alexander Busl, PATRIZIA Children Foundaton in Porayar, Indien
Alexander Busl, Steward