PATRIZIA School Ndanda

Classes with 100 or more pupils are not uncommon in Tanzania’s primary schools: the population is growing and with it the number of children and young people at state schools. The quality of school education suffers from the catastrophic conditions: Many children hardly learn to read and write properly.

In order to offer more children access to quality education, the Benedictine Abbey of Ndanda is expanding its primary school in cooperation with the PATRIZIA Foundation. In the first step, a main building with rooms for ten classes is being built, after which the sanitary facilities will be improved. In the medium term, up to 620 children will be given the chance of a self-determined life.

Education in Africa

“Education improves the situation of the children, but also of their families.”

Kristian Bollmann
Partner and Project Management, PATRIZIA Foundation

Education as a way out of poverty

The Benedictines have been running a primary school in Ndanda since 2018. But space was scarce. To be able to accommodate more children, the abbey decided to expand the school. Education is of enormous importance for society in Tanzania. Currently, far too few primary school pupils fulfil the requirements for secondary education or a qualified profession. On the other hand, there is a high demand for skilled personnel: nursing, administration, hotel management and many other sectors are desperately looking for well-trained staff. As a result, the country’s transformation into a modern society is progressing only slowly, and for many people there is no way out of poverty.

Education in Africa

Impact of the school radiates into society

The high-quality education at PATRIZIA School Ndanda gives the students prospects. But it does much more than that. The situation of the families and their homes also improves. Ultimately, this has an impact on society as a whole. This effect is also professionally evaluated. This is because the school in Ndanda is the first PATRIZIA Foundation project in which the partners took into account, even before the start of the construction phase, how the effects of the project could be concretely recorded in comparison with a scientific model.

Longstanding partnership

The PATRIZIA Foundation has a long-standing partnership with the Benedictine Abbey of Peramiho, which, like Ndanda, is located in Tanzania. The abbot of Ndanda, Christian Temu, was already known to the Foundation from his time as missionary procurator. A cooperation for the extension of the primary school was obvious. Kristian Bollmann from the PATRIZIA Foundation’s partner and project management team and Abbot Christian Temu met in St. Ottilien in Bavaria to sign the contract.

Rising costs hamper construction progress

Since the start of the construction site in August 2022, costs have been rising continuously. Due to the Ukraine war, the exchange rate of the euro is falling and energy costs are exploding. Both together are driving up the prices of building materials such as cement. An end to the price increases is not yet in sight. Therefore, financial support is urgently needed so that the construction can be realised as planned and the PATRIZIA School Ndanda will soon have space for more children.

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