“In our school, the students can be prepared for scientific careers, which paves their way into a promising future.”

Alexander Busl, steward of PATRIZIA School Peramiho

PATRIZIA School Peramiho, Tanzania

In 2017, the PATRIZIA Children Foundation built a new building with accommodations next to the Girls Secondary School of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing. The girls’ school is the first in the region and is located in the Tanzanian city of Peramiho.

In the middle school in the East African state, 30 pupils can now be accommodated in each of the two dormitories. Every year, 60 schoolgirls prepare here for their degree under the best conditions.

Until recently, girls striving towards a scientific career had to change schools after the tenth grade, because no chemistry or physics lessons were offered at this school. The architectural addition also expanded the school’s own facilities: biology, physics and mathematics are now also being taught. This is an important prerequisite for the study of scientific professions.

Alexander Busl, stewart of PATRIZIA School Peramiho, Tanzania
Among the Top 30

The Girls Secondary School celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. The annual examination results show that the school of the Benedictine Sisters is one of the 30 best in the country. Of the 3,000 schools in the country, PATRIZIA School Peramiho is the first in the region to be open exclusively to girls of all social backgrounds. Successes such as these are only possible through projects such as the construction of the PATRIZIA School Peramiho.

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Sophia´s Happiness Story

A radiant smile, open eyes and an interest in listening to the lessons: 17-year-old Sophia is an inquisitive young woman. She attends the PATRIZIA School in Peramiho.

How does my class differ from another? What does the school system look like in other countries? What can I do with mathematics in everyday life? Who controls the destiny of my country? Sophia displays a healthy curiosity – not only about the social context in her own country. She is one of the girls who are accommodated in the new living space of the PATRZIA School Peramiho. And she is already looking forward to the next day’s lessons.