PATRIZIA School Syangeni

In 2017, the PATRIZIA Foundation, together with Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V., built a new primary school in Syangeni, Kenya. Additionally, an administration building and a sanitary building were constructed. A new water tank ensures a sufficient supply of drinking water for the school.


Syangeni is a small village in one of Kenya’s poorest regions. It is located in an agricultural region on the border to the largest national park of the country, Tsavo, northeast of the capital Nairobi. Education is becoming increasingly important in this area in order to find a paid job.

PATRIZIA School Syangeni, Kenia - Kinder mit Fußballen

“In one of Kenya’s poorest regions we are creating a valuable perspective for the children and adolescents with the primary school, running water and our own garden.”

Astrid Gabler
Managing Director

Education as a source of hope

Most parents here are illiterate themselves and have very little to live on. They attach great importance to their children learning to calculate, write and read. The Syangeni School employs not only teachers provided by the state, but also additional teachers who are privately paid by the parents’ association. In order for the six classrooms, the administration building and the sanitary building to be built at all, the parents – mainly the mothers – produced more than 34,000 bricks themselves over the course of several weeks.

Water is not taken for granted here

At the time of the school’s opening it had not rained for five months in the drought-stricken region. This makes the water tank a special highlight of the school. The government had it filled for the occasion of the opening ceremony. Many of the children encountered a water tap for the first time on that day. The water supply also made it possible to create a school garden in 2018, in which the children can grow fruit and vegetables.

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Tale of happiness from Syangeni

Small meets smart

Small meets smart. Paul, the youngest pupil attending the PATRIZIA School Syangeni casts a shadow on the older students.

Paul is all ears during class. He is a very eager pupil. He has four siblings, who are not able to attend a school as the parents need them to help around the house and with the livestock. He has a dream: When he grows up he wants to earn a lot of money to be able to provide for his entire family. Until then, he pays attention during classes and never misses a chance to take an active part in them. His teachers are impressed with his readiness of mind and gift for languages.