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Since the establishment of our foundation, we and our partners have already written around 600,000 stories of happiness. One for every child who has been helped to gain access to education, health care,welfare and a self-determined life through our joint commitment. By 2030, we want to write at least one million stories of happiness.

We can only achieve this goal by building educational infrastructures and operating our PATRIZIA KinderHaus worldwide. On this page you can find out how a new KinderHaus is created and what role you can play with your company.

Helping children in Songea with a corporate donation

“We combine the best of both worlds – entrepreneurship and charity based on a partnership mindset.”


Sandra von Waldenfels
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PATRIZIA Foundation

This is how a KinderHaus is created

Partnership building

• Getting to know each other 

• Partner check

Project development

Project application

Partner and Project Review

Concept design

Project preparation

Finalisation of the project planning

Project Agreement


Project implementation

• Execution

• Project completion

25 years Term

Who does what?

.For a successful project implementation, the PATRIZIA Foundation collaborates closely with our project financing supporters and operational partners. Each party has a clearly defined role and commits to the joint project for a minimum of 25 years.

PATRIZIA Foundation

The Patrizia Foundation supports the establishment of new Children’s Homes through comprehensive programmatic and conceptual guidance. The contribution is determined for each individual ESG project in collaboration with the partner. We prioritize close partnerships with companies and private investors. Always at the core is the sustainability of each project, which we accompany for a minimum of 25 years. Additionally, the Foundation conducts ongoing evaluations and impact assessments of the projects.

Framework partner

The framework partner defines the general roles and responsibilities of the partners, as well as the intent and values of the long-term ESG partnership. Acting as an intermediary between the PATRIZIA Foundation and the executing project partners, the framework partner supports the partnership and collaboration. Additionally, the transfer of funds from the PATRIZIA Foundation to the executing partner is carried out to ensure the operation of the supported facilities for 25 years.

Implementing partner

The executing partner defines the objectives of each individual project, the scope of actions, facility operations, and impact measurement. Additionally, they regulate the project-related responsibilities of the partners. Serving as the developer and owner of the facility, the executing partner also holds the operational responsibility. They evaluate and report on the activities and impacts for a minimum of 25 years according to a jointly established system.

Our values

The Patrizia Foundation considers shared values essential for successful cooperation, as they create a solid foundation and strengthen trust between all stakeholders. Shared values enable clear communication, effective decision-making and the development of a common vision for our desired goals.


Without our partners, we would not be able to make an impact. We rely on clear expectation management on all sides.


For us, this is a duty and a matter of course – and the basis for every good and successful cooperation.


An attitude that determines our thoughts and actions. We believe that we can contribute to making the world a better place.


As part of the results chain, we must be able to rely on each other as partners. The most important success factor.


We are proactive and want to make a difference. Successful networking is part of our DNA.

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