Education Fund for India

We want to give girls from PATRIZIA Child Care Porayar in India educational opportunities! Together with Advicum, which has taken on a sponsorship for the children’s home, and the partner organisation ELM, the PATRIZIA Foundation is launching the “Education Fund for India”.

The aim is to collect 25,000 euros in donations to finance educational scholarships for the girls.

You too can help us achieve this goal and give the girls from India the key to a self-determined life.

PATRIZIA Child Care Porayar, Indien - Girls in class

“Employees, customers, partners, suppliers, Family & Friends – they should all make a donation to help girls in India get educational opportunities.”

Matthias Ortner, Advicum

Advicum’s fundraising campaign in the anniversary year

Advicum has been a member of the PATRIZIA Foundation Sponsor Circle since 2017 and has taken on a sponsorship for PATRIZIA Child Care Porayar in 2021 to support the local partner in running the facility in the long term.

Now the consulting company from Vienna wants to get even more involved and support educational scholarships for the girls in Porayar through the Education Fund for India. To this end, the company has planned a special promotion for its anniversary year: Because Advicum celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022, and its sister company eMentalist turns five. The planned action is intended to ensure that the entire company field is involved in the commitment to the foundation.

The target: € 25,000

You too can help: Donate to the Education Fund for India!

Every donation will be used 100% for the girls’ educational scholarships in Porayar. Together we can raise 25,000 euros. This will ensure the girls’ education in the coming years.

Education Fund India – donation account

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If we have your current address, we will automatically send you a donation receipt by mail. If you do not enter an address, you are welcome to request your donation receipt at

Nursing training for girls

The aim is to enable the girls from the children’s home in Porayar to make a successful transition from school to vocational training. To this end, a training centre for two professions is being set up in cooperation with the Open University in two existing, previously unused buildings next to the dormitory. The girls can train there after school to become nurses, nurse’s aides or laboratory assistants.

During the training, the girls can continue to live safely and well protected in the dormitory. “Another plus is that they can complete the practical training units in one of the hospitals in the next largest town, which is only 12 km away, so they can commute there,” explains Ute Penzel from the Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Lower Saxony (ELM), whose partner church in India (TELC) runs the residential home.

Good career opportunities in local health stations

Nursing professions are very respected in India and the need for qualified staff is high. The girls have good chances of finding qualified jobs after completing their training. Also in their home villages, because the Indian government is currently promoting the establishment of local health stations based on the experiences with Corona.


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