“Curious and bright children´s eyes show us that we are doing the right thing here.”

Peter Helfrich, sponsor of the PATRIZIA Primary School Dhoksan

PATRIZIA Primary School Dhoksan, Nepal

In 2012 the PATRIZIA Primary School Dhoksan in the Nepalese mountain village of Dhoksan opened its doors to primary school grades 1 through 5. It withstood the severe earthquake of 2015 in the South Asian landlocked state almost unscathed and even served as emergency accommodations for several families for four months.

Nepal is the country with the highest altitude in the world. Its landscape is captivating with its impressive mountain formations such as the Himalaya and Mount Everest. But the educational situation is very poor, with 45 percent of the adult population being illiterate. One in two inhabitants lives on less than two US dollars a day. The PATRIZIA Foundation built a primary school in Dhoksan in 2012, in order to provide a better future for the next generation through school education.

Peter Helfrich, sponsor of the PATRIZIA School Dhoksan, Nepal

School becomes a shelter after a severe earthquake

In 2015 the solidly built school survived the enormous earthquakes comparatively unscathed and sheltered several families for four months, serving as emergency accommodations. In 2016, the windows, ceiling and floor were renovated by the PATRIZIA Foundation. The school’s local partner, the school committee Shila Devi School Board, an association of parents of the pupils, takes care of the school operations in addition to the school’s principal Man Bahadur.
The PATRIZIA Foundation is building the PATRIZIA Secondary School Dhoksan directly adjacent to the original building, so that the pupils can expand their knowledge after primary school.

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Nabin’s Happiness Story

Like most children in rural Nepal, the 8-year-old Nabin has a long way to school to the PATRIZIA Primary School in Dhoksan. But he happy accepts that.

In contrast to the almost 50 per cent of the Nepalese population who cannot read and write, Nabin receives a school education and thus a chance for a better life. Whether his two younger siblings will also be able to attend school is yet to be decided. Nabin’s parents do not earn much with their small farm and the school fees are a factor.

Nabin knows what a privilege it is to attend the PATRIZIA Primary School – and he has a lot of plans. Of course, he wants to get a down-to-earth education in order to earn money. But his heart beats for his country. As a documentary filmmaker he would like to present the breathtaking landscape to the whole world. On the way to his goal he can be inspired every day anew – on his way to school.