Charity Run for the Digital Classroom

Nov. 2021

The #patriziarun goes into the second round. From 20 December to 16 January (promotion period extended by one week), anyone can take part in the charity run “Remote Run for Rwanda Reloaded” and run a five-kilometre route of their choice. Registration starts on 1 December. The net proceeds from the entry fees and additional donations will support a vocational school in Rwanda to further the digital classroom project there.

The “Remote Run for Rwanda” was organised for the first time in 2020 as part of a volunteering activity by Christina Lutz, an employee of PATRIZIA. Now the #patriziarun is going into the second round. Anyone, anywhere in the world can take part. Because everyone runs for oneself, but all together for a good cause. 

How does it work?

Registration is possible from 1 December via the Race Result portal and until the end of the campaign period on 16 January. In the period from 20 December to 16 January, each participant runs any five-kilometre course, tracks his time himself (trust-based) and uploads it – preferably together with a photo – to the portal. Afterwards, participants will receive an individual certificate to print out.

The entry fee of ten euros or a reduced fee of five euros for pupils, students and senior citizens will be benefiting the PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center Ntarama in Rwanda (minus any minor transaction costs). You are welcome to voluntarily pay a higher amount when registering, which will then go entirely to the project as a donation. You can also sponsor a run for the students of the training centre in Rwanda.

Rwanda new  building for the Digital Classroom

8 steps to reach the goal:

  1. Register on the Race Result portal from 1 December 2021 until 16 January 2022.
  2. Print your race number, which you will receive in your registration confirmation email.
  3. Share your activity in your network! #patriziarun
  4. Find any 5 km running route in your area!
  5. Run/walk during the campaign period from 20 December 2021 to 16 January 2022 and track your time. (Promotion period extended by one week)
  6. Take a photo of yourself with your race number: before, during or after the race.
  7. Upload the photo and your running time to the Race Result portal – you will find your personal upload link in the email with the registration confirmation – and post it on social media with the hashtag #patriziarun.
  8. You will receive your individual running certificate by e-mail to print out.

The students of the vocational school in Rwanda were at the start last year. This year, too, every participant can sponsor a Rwandan runner:

4 runners from Rwanda

Support the Digital Classroom Project in Rwanda

In order to provide sustainable access to education even in times of crisis, the PATRIZIA Foundation launched the Digital Classroom project in 2020, which is also being implemented at the PATRIZIA Vocational Training Center Ntarama in Rwanda. Funds from the Corona Fund Education Healthcare were used to finance a computer lab, which the students have already built themselves.

The next step is to equip this ICT Lab with furniture and digital devices. What is needed are 40 laptops, projectors, printers, tables and chairs. With the proceeds from the first #patriziarun, the school can finance part of this. In addition, the defective solar system needs to be repaired to guarantee the power supply. The students will also be given the opportunity to repair and maintain such systems themselves.  

The proceeds of the “Remote Run for Rwanda Reloaded” will therefore again benefit the digitalisation project at this school in order to finance the long-term power supply as well as further planned measures (such as training as a solar system technician) and digital equipment. 

In the future, both the students and the teachers will benefit from the digital classroom, as they will be able to prepare their lessons with the help of online-based teaching materials and videos. The school will thus be able to network and exchange ideas with schools in other countries on professional and technical issues. This will make the school one of the best vocational schools in Rwanda.

#patriziarun – – the hashtag to share!

The success of the project depends on as many people as possible spreading the word about the run and, for example, sharing their participation in the run in their own networks to motivate others to run as well – or to donate. This is also a good way for non-runners to support the project in Rwanda. Whether before the run or afterwards: Every post with the hashtag #patriziarun helps to make the project better known and thus also helps the school in Rwanda.

Further information is available in our flyer. Questions, requests or suggestions can be sent by e-mail to